Food & Beverage

A Future of Dining Excellence

A Future of Dining Excellence panelists: Burrows, Calhoun, Watts and Lo

HEALTHTAC Food and Beverage’s second panel discussed what the future of dining will look like for senior living’s culinary departments; it was aptly titled “A Future of Dining Excellence.” The panel was moderated by Edward Lo, VP of sales and marketing at FullCount, and the culinary panelists talked about how …

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The Culinary Programs of Today

The Culinary Programs of Today panelists: Fowler, Herzig, King and Moret

The COVID pandemic—and all of the issues that came along with it—no doubt had an effect on senior living’s culinary departments. That’s what was discussed during the recent HEALTHTAC Food and Beverage event’s first panel, entitled “The Culinary Programs of Today: What Senior Living F&B Looks Like Post-COVID.” The panelists …

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Watercrest Naples Assisted Living and Memory Care Residents Honor the Iconic Betty White with a ‘Golden’ Celebration

At Watercrest Naples Assisted Living and Memory Care, the 100th birthday of beloved Betty White was a ‘Golden’ celebration complete with the upbeat attitude, entertainment and humor the actress and comedian shared with the world. With mimosas in hand and a decadent birthday cake dedicated to the ‘Golden Girl’ herself, residents played ‘Golden Girl …

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