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November 20, 2015

"We've tech-enabled our processes so certified auditors can easily and affordably assess 150-items regarding the senior's well-being and living conditions," says Harper, continuing:

While video cameras and calls can be helpful, it isn't even close to having a person in the residence to see beyond the camera's frame, smell the odors, view the entire environment, evaluate the caregiver, and talk with the senior. Further, many seniors – especially those from the 'quiet generation' who are now in their 80's, don't complain having lived through the depression and several wars. They already feel they are a burden and don't want to upset anyone.

App Simplifies Sign Up and Audit Reporting
For families / clients, signing up for the service is simple. Located at, families:

  1. Answer a few questions about the senior and themselves;
  2. Determine the number of audits needed over the next 30 days;
  3. Select an auditor after reviewing their profiles; and
  4. Enter payment information.

Clients can request up to one audit per day. The service auto renews each 30 days thereafter, unless the client cancels.

App Standardizes Audit for Consistency
For auditors, the Penrose App provides a touch-screen, standardized audit that takes about 30-minutes to complete. The application also:

  • houses their profile, keeps track of their availability for clients
  • highlights outstanding and completed audits
  • maps seniors' locations
  • archives of previous audits
  • provides the ability to approve or reject any new senior assignments

Penrose App Provides Families Peace of Mind
The United States has approximately 50MM seniors, 75% of them needing some type of daily assistance. Meanwhile, government studies reveal that 50% of long-term caregivers in facilities admit to abusing seniors, while 95% of seniors report they have been abused or have witnessed it.
"Today, seniors' adult children are shouldering the burden of care, close-by or at a distance, all while struggling with work and their own families," says Rhonda Harper, CEO and Founder.  Penrose research reveals that most families with aging parents are struggling with senior care, whether they provide it directly or indirectly. More than a third of respondents stated it has negatively affected their own health, their jobs, and their family.
Harper founded Penrose based on observing first-hand the poor care her father receiving in assisted living.

"I learned that if I visited regularly, the level of care improved substantially. As soon as there was a lull in my visits, it returned back to the previously low standard."

In February 2014, she established the "Senior Care Auditing" category, setting the standards by writing the Penrose Certification Program, its 7-Factor Care-Check Audit, and, now, The Penrose App.

Creating a New Workforce and Career Path
"Since Senior Care Auditing is a new service, Senior Care Auditors didn't exist," reveals Harper. "My goal was to ensure that every Penrose Senior Care Auditor was someone that I would want checking-in on my father."

Harper created and launched the Penrose Certification Program in February 2014. Every auditor must first pass the outsourced Gold Standard Background Check and Drug Screening before being allowed to take the proprietary 8-hour online certification program.

The Penrose Certification Program is offered at no cost so that it doesn't slow the ability to serve clients and seniors. "Only about 85% of our applicants, generally very experienced at the outset, become PenroseCertified. All of our Auditors are also insured and bonded."

Nationwide, PenroseCertified senior care auditors earn between $20-$60 per audit. "We only accept the best auditors and we want to keep them. To achieve that they are compensated well." Many of Penrose's auditors are seniors themselves, having retired and looking for a meaningful, flexible second career.

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