Cambridge Enhanced Senior Living Celebrates National Assisted Living Week

September 26, 2022

MOORESTOWN, NJ—Thanks to creative imagination and fun-filled activity planning, residents of Cambridge Enhanced Senior Living “set sail” for a fun-filled cruise around the world in celebration of National Assisted Living Week in September. By all accounts, the exciting activities exceeded expectations with a travel-themed journey, offering participants the chance to create joyful moments, according to Kathleen Leypoldt, RN, CALA, executive director of Cambridge Enhanced Senior Living.

“The best part of the week-long celebration is seeing all the residents excited and participating in our events and special meals. The anticipation and energy are high with them and with staff,” Leypoldt added. “Our commitment comes from our team and their ability to find a way to encourage the residents to participate in our fun events. We want to do what the residents are interested in and passionate about.”

The National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL) established National Assisted Living Week in 1995, offering opportunities to residents, their loved ones, Center staff and volunteers to recognize and celebrate the importance of assisted living care in the community for seniors and individuals with disabilities. The theme of this year’s celebration—Joyful Moments—provided an opportunity for centers to get creative in developing unique and fun ways to further deepen the sense of community for residents at Cambridge Enhanced Senior Living.

With stops in Jamaica on Monday, Greece on Tuesday, Cuba on Wednesday and France on Thursday, residents woke up to a new virtual “cruise port” every day. They were treated to guided tours, signature food and drinks and plenty of opportunities to get moving—including spin fit (a tour of the countries), Samba fitness activities and Rendever virtual reality tours. The adventure concluded with a local celebration of Cambridge Enhanced Senior Living’s “home port” on Friday.

Many Cambridge residents said they were delighted with the opportunity to try out virtual reality goggles that made the visits feel so real, Leypoldt noted.

Additionally, segments of OneVoice, a resident-driven podcast program, were featured throughout the week with stories (themed, of course) of Joyful Moments.

“Shining a spotlight on National Assisted Living Week is crucial,” Leypoldt said. “I love knowing we are spreading the word that our residents have fun! Moving here is often a catalyst to feeling more active and engaged.”

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