The Importance of Engagement: Programming with a Purpose

Iyvonne Byers, Olivia Beaton, Sarah Hoit, Jean Makesh, and Jodi Audia.

Jodie Audia, VP of Life Enrichment and Cognitive Programming at American House Senior Living, Iyvonne Byers, Chief Financial Officer at Priority Life Care, Sarah Hoit, CEO and Co-founder of Connected Living, and Jean Makesh, Chief Executive Officer at the Lantern Group, discuss the importance of engagement in senior living.

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Selling Senior Living: Recovering Occupancy Post COVID-19

Editor Olivia Beaton moderating "Selling Senior Living" at HEALTHTAC East.

During the panel discussion “Selling Senior Living: Recovering Occupancy Post COVID-19” Steven Flynt, COO at Solstice Senior Living, Alex Markowits Founder / President at Spring Hills Communities, Frankie Pane, President & COO at Essex Communities, and Jayne Sallerson, COO at Charter Senior Living, discussed their strategies for making a comeback post COVID.

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