Cypress Living Partners with Nobi for Fall Detection and Prevention

November 10, 2023

FORT MYERS, FL — Cypress Living, a senior living management and consulting company based in this southwestern Florida city located 125 miles south of Tampa, has partnered with Nobi to enhance resident safety and wellness. In this partnership, Cypress Living will install Nobi AI-powered smart lamps to detect and prevent falls and monitor resident health and activity patterns.

“Our commitment to providing the best care and ensuring the resident safety is at the core of our partnership with Nobi,” said Cypress Living Vice President of Innovation Joe Velderman in a press release. “We tested other solutions, but none delivered everything Nobi offers in one comprehensive solution. With Nobi, we can provide every resident with independence while also ensuring that if a fall happens, Nobi will be there to catch it.”

As many as 50 percent of older adults who fall and experience a long lie of more than an hour typically pass within six months of the fall, making quick help imperative for the fallen person. Often, when older adults fall they must wait for help, sometimes for hours; Nobi Smart Lamps utilizes AI technology to detect 100 percent of falls, and when a fall is detected Nobi alerts a caregiver in 30 seconds, leading to an average intervention time of just over three minutes.

“Cypress Living shares Nobi’s ambition to empower older adults to live carefree with dignity,” said Niels Coch, head of Nobi USA. “We’re grateful for the opportunity to support Cypress Living in making this ambition a reality. As innovative pioneers and change makers, together we will make a difference for Cypress residents and staff.”

According to Nobi, its lamps can reduce falls in professional care communities by 80 percent. When a resident sits up in bed, Nobi automatically shines a soft light to ensure they can easily find their way. Nobi will alert caregivers when a resident gets out of bed or leaves the room, so caregivers can offer proactive help and thus prevent a fall. Monitoring can be customized for each resident, allowing for less intrusive check-ins and more tailored care. When a fall occurs, Nobi shares the anonymized images of the fall, 15 seconds before and after, allowing care professionals to analyze the events leading up to the fall. With this information, Cypress Living can take steps to help residents avoid falls in the future.

Cypress Living has committed to systematically outfitting its new buildings with Nobi Smart Lamps. Beginning in 2024, Cypress Living will install 50 Nobi lamps per year, continuing this initiative until 2031.

Cypress Living provides operational support to Cypress at Home, a comprehensive suite of in-home services that allow older adults to maintain independence and age successfully and safely in their own home, and at Cypress Cove, a luxury life-plan retirement community offering all levels of quality living options as well as rehabilitative care.

Founded in Belgium in 2018, Nobi is an AgeTech company currently operating in Belgium, the United States, the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

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