Distinctive Living Enlists goHappy To Increase Frontline Employee Engagement and Retention

January 13, 2023

FREEHOLD, NJ—goHappy, the leading expert in frontline employee engagement, announced earlier this week that it has partnered with Distinctive Living, the leader in bringing vitality and freshness to modern-day senior living to ensure the very best lives for every resident who joins them.

“We are incredibly excited for our partnership with Distinctive Living,” said Shawn Boyer, founder and CEO of goHappy. “Distinctive Living is an innovative leader in the senior living industry, driven by their commitment to caring for their nearly 3,000 team members on the frontline. This commitment is further evidenced by this partnership that allows them to include their frontline in all companywide announcements, messages and updates and to gather their feedback very easily on their mobile devices, allowing the company to implement actionable plans to increase the frontline’s engagement.”

With goHappy’s simple, app-free technology, Distinctive Living will increase engagement with their frontline employees and expand their ability to gather insightful feedback throughout the onboarding process. This will empower them to learn and discover where they can improve training and ongoing engagement for all frontline employees. With goHappy, Distinctive Living will then develop and launch actionable strategies to continue to grow their already extraordinary employee engagement and retention efforts.

“Providing tools for our executive directors to maximize engagement and retention remains a key strategic initiative for Distinctive Living in 2023 and beyond,” said Joe Jedlowski, chairman and CEO of Distinctive Living. “As part of our focus on team member engagement, our team is incorporating tools from goHappy into their onboarding process and ongoing employee communication. We know how important our team members are to our business, and their feedback will help guide both our support center leadership and community leadership as to what they are doing well and potential areas of development. With that insight, Distinctive Living can continue to provide the best-in-class care to our residents.”

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