Eldergrow Celebrates Five Years and Earth Day, Launching New Farm-to-Fork Garden Kits

April 22, 2020

SEATTLE, WA–Earth Day has always been a time of reflection on how we as humans can best appreciate the world around us. It’s also the five-year anniversary of Seattle-based Eldergrow.

Eldergrow was founded in 2015 with the goal of bringing nature indoors to elders living in senior living communities across the U.S.  Eldergrow offers two innovative indoor gardening programs, the Therapeutic Horticulture Garden and the Culinary Herb Garden, both of which include mobile indoor gardens handcrafted by disabled veterans and other adults living with disabilities.

The programming is specifically designed to purposefully impact elders at any level of cognitive or physical ability through the power of indoor gardening, but some big changes are taking place recently. After five years of bringing nature indoors, Eldergrow is taking its therapeutic gardening programs where they have never gone before—outside.

Eldergrow, the originators of indoor therapeutic gardens for senior living communities, now bring you the Eldergrow Farm-to-Fork Garden Activity Kit.  The kit is everything you need to start a garden in your own garden beds—delivered to your door.

In order to bring the benefits of therapeutic horticulture to more people, Eldergrow is debuting the outdoor Farm-to-Fork Garden Activity Kit—on this special Earth Day, April 22, 2020.

In this time of social distancing, people are cooped up inside. Our Farm-to-Fork Garden Activity Kit is great for individual, family or community activities to tend to nature and receive the health-building benefits of a growing garden.

Think of the Farm-to-Fork Kit as Postmates or UberEats…for gardening. Eldergrow is taking its garden kits to everyone, directly to their home or community.

The new Farm-to-Fork Kits include everything needed to start a garden in your own garden beds: garden tools, supplies, and fresh, live herbs delivered to your front door.

Customers will also have access to an online web portal filled with easy-to-follow garden tutorials along with tasty recipes to make with the herbs and engaging activities.

“We at Eldergrow want to make sure that the therapeutic benefits of gardening reach as many of our elders—and friends—as possible. We crafted the Farm-to-Fork Program with everyone in mind,” said Eldergrow Founder Orla Concannon, “The kit itself is a very easy and affordable way to get started with gardening—just add water and love.”

In this unexpected time, where COVID-19 is impacting the senior living industry in unprecedented ways, Eldergrow has been quickly adapting. In order to ensure that the residents are still receiving the therapeutic benefits of nature, Eldergrow has modified its monthly programming to virtual activities and garden coaching.

“It is amazing to see how the gardens are bringing a lot of light and hope into their communities,” said Concannon. “We have heard customers say that our classes are really the only thing that they can still do, and for residents who haven’t been able to go outside, the beautiful plants and fragrant herbs are needed now more than ever.”

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