Eskaton Embarks on Culture Change to Improve the Way Aging is Viewed

November 5, 2018

“It’s a paradigm shift on how we look at aging,” said Todd Murch, president and CEO of Eskaton, which was recently recognized by LeadingAge California for best practices, innovation and advocacy. “We are trying to develop an appreciation for longevity, wisdom, and a reverence for aging. It’s about finding enjoyment in life and an acceptance of where we are in life, and how wonderful life can be.”

As one ages, wisdom, compassion and empathy grow, which makes it easier to relate to others. In fact, life improves with age, and according to one study people who have a positive attitude about aging may increase their lives by 7.5 or more years. “In my time at Eskaton, I’ve had the opportunity to meet many of our centenarians and in our discussions, nine out of ten attribute their long life to having a positive attitude about aging,” added Murch.

According to Dr. Bill Thomas, founder of ChangingAging, one study after another has proven that how we perceive aging, to a very large degree, determines how we age. Aging is often synonymous with decline, disease and disability, making it tough to see old age in a positive light.

“We are proud of our age when we are young and when we are very old. We’ve forgotten to be proud in the middle,” noted Dr. Thomas. “The problem with ageism is that it suppresses human growth and development. It stands in the way of rising to your full potential.”

Eskaton will use its reputation and reach throughout California and the nation to educate and demonstrate a new way of thinking about aging, ultimately helping more older adults achieve a full life experience.

The Sacramento region is home to Eskaton, a nonprofit senior care provider offering innovative housing, healthcare and social services. Every day thousands of older adults enjoy retirement at its independent senior living communities and receive the care they need through assisted living, skilled nursing, memory care, rehabilitation and in-home care programs. With five decades of experience and a national reputation for innovation, Eskaton is Transforming the Aging Experience.

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