Eversound Unveils New Uses Cases in Dementia Care

BOSTON, MA–Eversound, a Boston-based technology company creating life-changing experiences for older adults, has unveiled new uses cases for delivering extraordinary, personalized care to residents living with dementia in senior living communities.

The newly released use cases range from applications in group events to one-on-one interactions, and early evidence suggests that Eversound may delay the impact of dementia and other conditions.

A communication and therapy management tool, Eversound provides profound benefits for residents with all stages of dementia, mild to severe hearing loss, or other ailments that prevent them from focusing, engaging or socializing.

Approximately one in three people between the ages of 65 and 74 has hearing loss, and nearly half of those older than 75 have difficulty hearing. Many residents struggle to hear, get frustrated because they are unable to engage and get involved, then withdraw.

Studies have shown that those with untreated hearing loss were more likely to report depression, anxiety and paranoia and were less likely to participate in organized social activities, compared to those who wear hearing aids. Furthermore, compared to people with normal hearing, those with moderate hearing loss have triple the risk for developing dementia.

Especially during group activities, hearing aids often fall short. Eversound is a communication and therapy management technology that helps facilitate effective communication by addressing hearing deficiency in those environments where it is near impossible for people to focus.

“By facilitating effective communication, we are able to mitigate some of the negative consequences of hearing loss, including cognitive decline” said Matt Reiners, co-founder of Eversound. “It is those people we are humbled to be helping live a better life by empowering communities to deliver personalized care to them.”

Senior living communities are achieving measurable results, benefiting their residents during group events, communications with caregivers, visits with family and friends, music therapy and prospective resident tours.

In daily group activities and special events, the Eversound technology removes communication barriers, amplifies engagement and fosters socialization. It improves residents’ experiences and promotes an inclusive group environment where all residents are empowered and encouraged to participate. Whether used in activities like bingo and trivia, meditation or music therapy, scenic drives or guest speakers, residents can pursue interests and discover new passions.

Preliminary studies show strong evidence of the efficacy of Eversound’s technology. A study at LCB Senior Living found 18% fewer residents fell asleep during programs and a 28% increase in engagement across their group activities. Commonwealth Senior Living, a national leader in memory care services across the U.S., saw similar results with a reported 20% increase in attendance at their wellness programs.

Fostering a healthy social environment that supports quality, individualized care, Eversound technology enables and empowers residents to be active participants in their care. They can engage directly for a deeper connection with staff and caregivers, which improves care effectiveness and efficiency, promotes ease of care delivery, reduces resistance, and increases therapeutic benefits for residents.

During visits with family and friends, Eversound removes communication barriers so residents can enjoy meaningful one-on-one interactions with loved ones. It reduces anxiety and frustration for everyone, promotes connection and socialization, and helps residents retain focus in noisy locations.

Using Eversound for music therapy in group or individual settings offers uplifting experiences with proven therapeutic benefits. It increases socialization and connection when used in group settings. It reduces stress and may improve cognitive and speech skills. It also offers a therapeutic option for memory care residents during sundowning. Eversound works seamlessly from any source, including YouTube, Spotify and iTunes. (Note: music therapy must be performed by a board-certified music therapist.)

With Eversound, prospective resident tours are more fulfilling and productive because prospective residents can fully participate. It allows them to connect and engage, promotes confidence and assurity in families and caregivers, and helps families navigate the transition with their loved one.

“Our mission is to end social isolation for vulnerable, at-risk individuals,” said Jake Reisch, CEO and co-founder of Eversound. “Every day we learn of more older adults being empowered by our technology. Quality of life is dramatically improved when social isolation is diminished.”

Eversound’s group listening system is designed specifically for older adults and improves quality of life through enhanced audio. The engagement-centered technologies are now used by hundreds of senior living communities across the U.S., increasing positive outcomes for residents and helping reduce the country’s burden of dementia.

Eversound’s communication and therapeutic management tool provides therapeutic benefits to those living with dementia, particularly when breaking down communication barriers in its five use cases—group activities, communication with caregivers, visits with family and friends, music therapy and prospective resident tours. The company is dedicated to improving the lives of residents in senior living communities and expects to reach nearly 1,000 communities by the end of 2019.