Fox Hill Village Expands Its Resident Care

November 6, 2018

Westwood, MAFox Hill Village has announced a new agreement with Brigham and Women’s Hospital to operate a Wellness Clinic and a primary care practice on its campus. Brigham and Women’s nurses will provide on-site care for all Fox Hill Village residents, while Brigham board-certified internists will provide on-site primary care services.

“We’re delighted to be able to work with the renowned Brigham and Women’s Hospital to provide our residents with access to outstanding health care services on site,” said Tony Amico, managing director of Fox Hill Village.

In addition to providing care on the Fox Hill Village campus, the recent opening of Brigham’s Health Center at Westwood’s University Station will allow Fox Hill Village residents to access Brigham’s specialty care services within 10 minutes of Fox Hill.

“We are very excited about our new arrangement with Fox Hill Village,” said Reema Alshirawi, regional medical director at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. “It provides our team an opportunity to develop new and innovative ways to extend the Brigham and Women’s services to promote the health and wellness of Fox Hill Village residents.”

Fox Hill Village has been a leader in providing active lifestyle options and on-site quality health care services to its residents. Its Assisted Care department provides support to residents in their apartments. In addition to the Wellness Center and the Assisted Care department, Connections Physical Therapy, a fully licensed provider, now offers a full range of physical and occupational therapy services on site to Fox Hill Village residents.

“Partnering with Fox Hill Village is an exciting opportunity for us,” said Maxwell Cantor, vice president of Connections Physical Therapy. “We’re able to offer residents high-quality physical therapy in collaboration with the primary care services offered by Brigham and Women’s physicians. We look forward to becoming an even more important part of the Fox Hill Village community and assisting in the growth of its health and wellness program.”

“Fox Hill Village carefully looks at the trends in health care delivery and the preferences of its residents,” said Amico. “We’ll continue to look at ways of supporting our residents and meeting their needs in noninstitutional settings.”

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