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Juniper Communities Partners With Generations Over Lunch To Bring Cross Generational Conversations To Senior Living

January 16, 2023

BLOOMFIELD, NJ—Juniper Communities, a leading provider of senior living communities, has partnered with Generations Over Lunch in an effort to promote cross generational dialogue. Working in conjunction with AmeriCorps volunteers and individuals in the community, the vision for this Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service is to bring youth activists from the Gen Z and millennial generations together with senior living residents to connect and build relationships across the age continuum.

This nationally-elevated conversation around age literacy, awareness and new possibilities for seniors and visitors of all ages grew out of the Death Over Dinner and Drugs Over Dinner platform created by Michael Hebb, as well as the Generations Over Dinner model championed by Chip Conley, founder of Modern Elder Academy. These immensely successful events have demonstrated the importance of bringing curious minds together to engage in important conversations.

Of distinction to the Generations Over Lunch event is that AmeriCorps volunteers of all ages are being given the opportunity to participate and experience the wisdom well and alchemy that is created when intergenerational groups break bread together, rather than being asked to staff or support an event for older adults. Part of the breaking the age stigma lies in breaking the traditional barriers for in-kind labor.

Table leaders will have a set of questions to open the dialogue and motivate inquisitiveness and conversations between the various generations.

“As program director and gerontologist, I am personally thrilled to see Juniper Communities jumping onboard to implement the program at a moment’s notice,” said Kate Abate, MSG, program director for Generations Over Dinner. “Their willingness to collaborate and create intergenerational community experiences speaks to their innovative brilliance and agility. Juniper has always stood out as a phenomenal place for older adults to live, but their social engagement and wellness culture really champion Juniper as the space where connection thrives.”

The initial launch of Generations Over Lunch will be taking place in 12 Juniper communities.

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