Leisure Care Introduces Company’s First North Carolina Community in Raleigh

November 13, 2018

SEATTLE – Leisure Care, one of the nation’s largest and most innovative senior living management companies, is introducing its first community in North Carolina this winter. Scheduled to open early 2019, Treeo Raleigh will be home to 143 independent living apartments.

“The new Raleigh community really embodies what the Treeo brand is all about,” said Ryan Rasar, COO at Leisure Care. “We’re excited to continue introducing innovative, state-of-the-art communities on the East Coast that let residents experience what makes Leisure Care so special.”

Prioritizing personal experiences above all else, Treeo’s enthusiastic staff, modern design and cutting-edge amenities give the community a feel that’s unrivaled both in North Carolina and on a national level.

As soon as visitors walk through the door, it becomes clear that Treeo is different. A bustling lobby with a lively bar and friendly staff showcases a vibrant atmosphere that is unexpected in the senior living industry.

With a powerful first impression, Treeo brings a sense of excitement to future residents and their families that is unique to the area.

“From its inception, Treeo has been built around the concept of energy,” said Brianna Higa, general manager of Treeo Raleigh. “This approach has helped shape everything in the community, from our activity schedules and menus to the design of the building itself.”

With signature services such as Travel by Leisure Care, BrainHQ brain training by Posit Science and Language Learning by Rosetta Stone, Leisure Care is already ahead of the game.

In addition to Leisure Care’s signature amenities, Treeo’s technology offerings help residents stay connected, whether through the iPads they receive upon move-in, the digital hub ( or technology classes offered at the community.

“When a great idea comes to the table, it inspires other great ideas,” said Higa. “We’re going to demand that the industry evolve.”

Through the TreeoConnect app, residents can schedule housekeeping, transportation, and maintenance appointments. The app also shows schedules for PrimeFit classes and upcoming events and activities, giving residents an easy path to customize their schedules.

“Healthy, upscale menu items and extensive social and recreational programs help demonstrate the community’s commitment to wellness,” said Higa.

The community also has a full-time connections manager on staff to ensure that residents can share their passions within the Treeo community as well as take advantage of all that Raleigh has to offer.

“Leisure Care is built around the idea of ‘Five-Star Fun,’ which is something Treeo embraces wholeheartedly,” Higa says. “The goal isn’t to keep everyone indoors. I want my residents to get outside and connect with the greater Raleigh community.”

In addition to innovative services and activities that meet a wide range of senior needs, Treeo has established local partnerships offering home health services, rehabilitation services, aquatic classes, and more, all customized to the well-being of each resident.

Treeo is scheduled to open early next year and is now accepting reservations. The community’s Information Center is located at 4905 Green Road, Suite 100, in Raleigh.

Leisure Care, LLC is one of the largest privately owned senior living communities in the U.S., operating over 40 retirement communities with another 15 under development, and nearly 7,000 apartments in the U.S. Leisure Care’s inventive ‘Five-Star Fun’ philosophy is changing the perception of senior living by providing amenities commonly associated with luxury hotels and which support healthy, active lifestyles.

Dynamic programs and wellness-oriented offerings include true restaurant dining; PrimeFit℠, an innovative health and fitness program with personal training options; and Travel by Leisure Care, a full-service in-house travel agency.

Leisure Care is one of One Eighty’s senior housing and hospitality brands, which include Twist Travel℠; Trücup low-acid coffee; and One Eighty International, which manages retirement communities in India, London, and Mexico.


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