New Movement To Legalize Perceived Age

ESCONDIDO, CA– Barbara Morris, publisher of the Put Old on Hold Journal and author of the soon to be released book, The New Put Old on Hold, has announced an effort to legalize perceived age for men and women who have  been routinely ignored, passed over and disparaged because of their chronological age.

Citing mandatory retirement at age 65 as an example, Ms. Morris says it is an archaic practice that condemns healthy and vital individuals to premature decline.

Buoyed by the success of Bruce Jenner’s victory to legally become a woman, Ms. Morris says legalized perceived age would give older individuals the right to choose the age they say they are and not fear ridicule or retribution.

She says, “It’s particularly onerous for women. Our culture clings to outdated beliefs about women’s competence and desirability once they are no longer considered ‘young’ by obsolete cultural norms.”

“Decision makers insist they respect and support the right of women to achieve their goals and aspirations regardless of age, but such lofty rhetoric falls apart in the real world,” says Morris. “The old barriers are still there. Women suffer derision if they try to live their perceived age and are ‘found out.’  It’s time for adults to legally declare their freedom from the constraints of a meaningless chronological number and decide for themselves what that number should be.”

Legalizing perceived age would be less difficult and less problematic than gender change. No surgery is required. Women won’t have to learn to apply makeup, walk in high heels or buy new clothes. The legal implications can be worked out if we are willing to make it happen.

Ms Morris adds, “I encourage all older individuals facing age bias, either in the workplace or socially, to join with me to work to legally declare freedom from their ‘chronological number’ that is holding them back from achieving their full potential.”