Old Time Pottery Launches Big-Hearted Bins Campaign

April 1, 2020

MURFREESBORO, TN–Old Time Pottery launched its Big-Hearted Bins campaign today in partnership with over 40 assisted living facilities and senior centers in 11 states. This campaign provides critical home essentials to improve quality of life for community residents temporarily socially distanced from family and friends to protect their health and reduce their risk of contracting coronavirus, while also allowing them to help others in the community already stricken with coronavirus.

“With their higher risk of coronavirus complications, many senior community residents have little choice but to shelter-in-place and that has a strong negative impact on their mental health,” said Jason Schmitt, CEO of Old Time Pottery.  “We wanted to be able to partner with our customers in these difficult times to bring a ray of hope and help put a smile on their faces.”

Old Time Pottery will be donating Big-Hearted Bins loaded with essential supplies for these facilities and providing customers who want to donate an extra discount off their purchases for the Bins.  In addition, Old Time Pottery will be coordinating efforts for facility residents to write well-wishes greeting cards for coronavirus patients in community hospitals.

“We cannot thank Old Time Pottery and the community enough for this great act of kindness,” said Beth Winter, Engagement Director for Maybelle Carter Living.  “Caring for our seniors and lifting their spirits during this time of social distancing is such a blessing to us.”

Big-Hearted Bins is part of a broader campaign to assist the community during this uncertain time.  Old Time Pottery is also partnering with SINGER® to provide sewing space, Heavy Duty sewing machines, and fabric for customers and community members to create masks that will be donated to local health care facilities for protecting workers.

Since its founding in 1986, Old Time Pottery has focused on providing the broadest assortment of home and seasonal product at a compelling value so that customers can save money while pursuing their passion for home decorating.  Old Time Pottery has 43 stores in 11 states across the Southeast and Midwest.

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