PointClickCare Technologies Extends Capabilities of Salesforce Health Cloud With Its Long-Term and Post-Acute Care Insights

LAS VEGAS–PointClickCare Technologies today announced it is extending the capabilities of Salesforce Health Cloud with its long-term and post-acute care (LTPAC) insights. Health Cloud enables healthcare providers with new ways to make smarter care decisions, engage with patients across their caregiver networks and manage patient data.

Through advanced data exchange tools and world class platforms, PointClickCare and Salesforce Health Cloud are building and enabling a true connected care environment of the future. The integration will allow for intelligent care coordination between health systems and post-acute providers, enabling a true cloud-to-cloud connector that’s revolutionizing care across the continuum.

Together, PointClickCare and Salesforce Health Cloud are bridging the gap between the acute and post-acute worlds, connecting care and delivering the insights needed to ensure easier, coordinated care transitions to the post-acute market and beyond.

“PointClickCare’s vision is to enable a cloud-based environment where providers, patients and payers can work together in harmony to revolutionize coordinated care and empower post-acute providers across the country,” said Mike Wessinger, CEO, PointClickCare. “This integration is proof that we are breaking down the traditional barriers of communication and collaboration between the LTPAC market and the broader healthcare community, allowing for a true cloud-to-cloud view of patient information that will enable the highest quality care.”

Susan Collins, VP and GM, Healthcare and Life Sciences at Salesforce, added, “We recognize the critical role that the long-term and post-acute care market plays in the greater healthcare continuum, and with PointClickCare’s expertise in the post-acute care space, they can offer actionable insights to help health systems across the continuum achieve the true collaboration that leads to better outcomes. Health Cloud gives providers a holistic view of their patients, and PointClickCare is a valuable part of our journey towards creating a modern healthcare platform for patients, doctors and everyone else involved in care.”