Pro-GeneX and MedTek21 Launch Innovative Program For Long-Term Care Providers

January 20, 2017

ATLANTA–Pro-GeneX, LLC powered by MedTek21, today announced an innovative program for long-term care providers to manage medication risk for their patient populations. The Pro-GeneX service, powered by the MedTek21 solution, delivers a complete program to safeguard at-risk patients with rapid alerts to caregivers on potential drug reactions, indicated by each patient’s genetic variations. The program integrates with long-term care procedures and systems to enable providers to proactively reduce adverse events, save time, improve outcomes and boost quality scores.

Reactions to prescription drugs are a major cause of falls, hospital admissions, emergency room visits and other negative outcomes in nursing homes and similar facilities. Patients with certain genetic variations face potential danger from many widely prescribed drugs including some common antipsychotics, anticoagulants and pain medications. Adverse drug events also demand inordinate staff attention and paperwork, as well as damaging providers’ scores on quality measures mandated by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

“Our promise to long-term care providers is that we give you time back while improving care. The Pro-GeneX solution powered by MedTek21 delivers evidence-based, fully reimbursed pharmacogenetic testing for high-risk residents in a population without creating paperwork or costs to the facility,” said Robbie Rupard, Chief Executive Officer of Pro-GeneX. “Working with long-term care organizations and top consulting pharmacies, we have created a program that minimizes risk, reduces adverse drug event triggers, and improves Medicare Star ratings.”

Dr. Sonja Quale, Pharm.D., Vice President and Chief Clinical Officer of PharMerica, a leading provider of pharmacy services in long-term care and other markets, said: “We recognize the value of using innovative medical technologies to drive better outcomes for PharMerica customers and their residents. Deploying genetic testing programs in the highest-risk populations will lead to reducing negative outcomes and potentially lowering costs. The pilot program PharMerica has launched with Pro-GeneX offers unique value by leveraging data to improve efficiencies for facilities, using digital results in our pharmacy systems and operations.”

Dr. Jiten Chhabra MD, MPH, medical director of Pro-GeneX, added: “Our program enables long-term care facilities to safeguard high-risk patients from potentially life-threatening setbacks, as well as to manage their populations for better outcomes and higher survey scores. We’re not just giving the nursing director a stack of test reports. Our program tests for 90 gene variants that influence metabolism of drugs common in long-term care. We synthesize the data to create an accurate profile for population management and reporting to CMS and the states. This solution includes hands-on implementation, service and training by Pro-GeneX experts.”

Steve Salvitti, Chief Executive Officer of MedTek21 developed by IT21 Solutions, LLC added: “The MedTek21 software integrates with electronic medical record and enterprise systems to identify incoming or current residents being prescribed medications linked to potential adverse events. MedTek21 streamlines the ordering of genetic tests and monitoring to ensure that those patients get the right medication at the right time and right dosage, while saving time for busy nurses and administrators.”

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