ProfitSword Joins Special Edition of In Clear Focus Podcast to Provide Insight on How COVID-19 is Transforming the Business Intelligence Landscape

May 13, 2020

ORLANDO, FL–ProfitSword, the leading developer of business intelligence and data integration software for the hospitality and senior living industries, has announced it’s taking part in a special edition of the “In Clear Focus” Podcast with the goal of providing industry professionals with the latest expert insight over how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected business intelligence operations.

Hosted by Bigeye, a leading full-service advertising agency, the special edition podcast is now freely available online and features up-to-date industry observations and guidance by several ProfitSword company leadership figures.

With the hospitality and senior living industries among the hardest hit by the current crisis, the podcast notably provides details on how the pandemic is creating a unique set of challenges with regards to ensuring financial stability and meeting organizational needs when compared to previous economic downturns or emergencies.

ProfitSword’s representatives further offer guidance on what business intelligence and data management practices are best designed to provide hoteliers and senior living community operators with the greatest probability of success in quickly identifying new organizational priorities, and how to leverage business performance data to ensure the most effective response. Additional topics of discussion include:

*   Examples of how client organizations are successfully or unsuccessfully responding to current challenges.

*   Operational opportunities and risks that the current market environment presents.

*   How agile practices can be scaled to meet the demands of the current market climate.

*   Common challenges with working remotely and how technology and agile/SCRUM can lead to more seamless and effective work management experiences.

*   Insight on how client perspectives and priorities have changed since the COVID-19 outbreak.

*   What industries are learning from the current experience, when markets may begin to recover, what lasting changes will result and how technology will evolve to meet new needs.

“Each of us are facing a crisis that has never been experienced on this scale, so it is vital that we all do what we can to share thoughts and guidance on what the best approaches are to safeguard the wellbeing of our businesses and customers during this challenging time,” said Maureen Allen, President at ProfitSword. “ProfitSword is honored to provide first-hand insight on what the company has learned in being able to successfully overcome the uncertainty that has gripped many industries, and look forward to this podcast serving as a valuable educational resource that provides professionals with an ability to chart the best course forward.”

ProfitSword leadership figures taking part in the In Clear Focus Podcast include Maureen Allen, President, Paul Bennie, Director of Business Development and John Crutchfield, Chief Operating Officer. Recognized as the leading provider of business intelligence and analytical software for the hospitality and senior living industries, ProfitSword possesses unmatched expertise in providing customers with the ability to leverage their operations data to gain an instant understanding of the current business environment as well as how to achieve optimal revenue performance regardless of fluctuating market conditions.

To access the special edition In Clear Focus podcast featuring ProfitSword’s industry insight, please click here.

Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Orlando, ProfitSword is an innovator in business intelligence software and applications. ProfitSword solutions provide seamless integration of data and real-time information to enhance decision-making processes and improve profitability. The company serves more than 100 corporations and ownership groups representing nearly 4,000 businesses worldwide.



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