Safety Labs Introduces Sirona.TV Connect for 75+ Seniors to Stay Connected with Family, Friends and the Internet

February 25, 2020

DOVER, DESafety Labs, the leader in TV-based connected health for active aging seniors, today introduced the Sirona.TV Connect, a simple-to-use connectivity solution designed for seniors age 75+ to keep them independent, connected and safe in their homes. Sirona.TV offers easy-to-use TV, remote control and smart speaker interface designed exclusively for seniors 75+.

“We continuously evolve and adapt our products, as technology changes and as need of our senior’s customers changes” said Sanjay Chadha, CEO, Safety Labs. “Not only do we understand the needs and expectation of our 75+ customers, but by creating Sirona.TV we help meet and exceed these expectations. Sirona.TV is created from ground up to create the easiest possible system for seniors. We customized every part of the experience– the user interface using TV and remote control, added Alexa for senior-like voice interface and added support for Apple TV remote control right out-of-the-box. This approach allowed us to provide features our customers want and use every day, creating a simplified experience tailored for their lives.”

The Sirona.TV Connect is the “simplest” addition to Sirona.TV’s product portfolio with other models to follow. Siriona.TV provides connectivity, connected health and safety using TV & remote control and with Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home like-voice commands, enabling seniors to easily navigate through the system using a remote control or using voice commands.

Sirona-TV Connect’s key specifications include the following:

  • Features: Video Chats, Family Album, Phone, Text Messages, Camera, Games
  • Compatible with TVs – All brands including Sony, LG, Samsung etc- Works with all HDMI TVs.
  • Remote control – Out-of-the-box support for Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Samsung, LG and Sony remote controls
  • Voice Control – Amazon Alexa and Google Home like voice commands.
  • TV Senior app extends Sirona.TV to iPhones and Android devices. This is a free app.
  • TV Family app enables family members to stay connected. This is a free app.

“Our research shows that a large percentage, nearly one-third, of seniors age 65 and over find it appealing to have a video consultation with a doctor directly through their TV,” said Elizabeth Parks, senior vice president at Parks Associates. “TV-enabled video solutions allow access to enhanced care experiences for seniors to stay more independent,” she added.

Safety Labs, Inc., a leader in remote engagement technologies is focused on connecting seniors to their family and friends and to the digital world through the Sirona.TV line of products. The Sirona.TV Connect is available through the Sirona.TV website starting March 15.

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