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Sagely Rolls Out New Care Programs for Elders

April 4, 2018

HONOLULU–Sagely, a digital health company focused on innovative, technology-based senior-centered solutions has released a new innovative care program to provide a human element that will augment its successful digital SaaS platform that is currently serving more than 400 senior living communities across Hawaii, the continental U.S. and Canada.

Sagely identified an opportunity to improve the quality of life for seniors with the development of care programs with the launch of its new Alaka‘i care program. To further expand on its mission, Sagely appointed geriatric specialist Dr. Warren Wong as its medical director in January 2018.

“As a well-recognized and experienced geriatrician, Dr. Wong brings a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience with elders and traditional care. What impressed us the most, is his understanding and openness to social and behavior based programs, and how they fit in with traditional care,” said Alex Bitoun, president of Sagely. “Dr. Wong is an outstanding addition to the Sagely team and has enabled us to expand our programs and level care.”

The new Alaka‘i care program works directly with older adults to focus on their quality of life and allows them the opportunity to take initiative and responsibility for their life’s direction and decisions. Together with Sagely’s current technology that tracks seniors’ engagement in their residential communities through the creating of robust resident profiles and family engagement tools which allow them to continue with their daily activities while keeping their families and caregivers updated and connected, as needed.

Sagely’s Alaka‘i care program highlights the human element behind Sagely’s digital platform, by working with elders directly and focusing on their quality of life by making them feel comfortable, safe and connected. It is based on the belief that behavior and social determinants, not conditions alone, are key to better health and total cost of care. This has created opportunities for Sagely to work directly with primary care physicians and health plans.

Sagely recently implemented its Alakaʻi care program at the ‘Ekahi Health/Central Medical Clinic (CMC). CMC is the largest, highest performing primary care clinic on the island of Oahu, known for their innovative programs that put their patients at the center of their care.

“With CMC, we are able to work with patients to help figure out hurdles to care, provide resources and stand by them through the process,” said Medical Director Dr. Wong. “Three out of four older adults have multiple long-term conditions which, over time, have a big impact on health. Through our Alaka‘i care program we can support the well-being of our patients between doctor office visits.”

“Partnering with Sagely in their care programs, will improve the lives of our aging community,” said Dean Hirata, CEO of ‘Ekahi Health. “This program provides health, connectivity, independence and well-being for our kupuna (elderly) patients beyond the clinic setting.”

“We are grateful for the opportunity to be working with the innovative and forward thinking `Ekahi Health/CMC to address the unmet needs of our elders,” added Bitoun. “As we look to the future, we see potential for our programs to apply elsewhere with opportunities to work directly with primary care physicians and health plans. We look forward to rolling out our programs nationwide and across different stakeholders.”

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