Senior Living Community and Early Childhood Education Operators Join Forces To Create a Unique Intergenerational Experience

September 24, 2018

KISSIMMEE, FL–Arya at Tapestry and the Amazing Explorers Academy have joined forces to create a unique senior living community. This community slated to begin construction in early 2019 will combine independent and assisted living with early childhood education underneath one roof. Residents and children will share, laugh and learn together in a unique environment.

This unique concept will foster connections between senior living residents and children ages 0-4 and 5-12 after school. Together, they will share learning experiences, activities, projects and even meals in a safe and productive environment.

“We envision, students reading to the residents and residents reading to the students on a daily basis.  We will have shared activity space, a farm-to-table program and featured farmer’s markets where the residents and the children will sell their produce side by side to the community at large,” said Vishaal Gupta, president of the Park Square Enterprises, developers of Arya at Tapestry, the new senior living community.

Intergenerational programming in the senior living environment to this extent is very rare. Senior living communities have invited children to provide entertainment and participate in an activity; however, very few have created an environment where the two generations will interact on a daily basis.

“We are perhaps first in the country to combine senior living and early childhood education underneath one roof, designed and purposely built from the ground up,” states Fabrizio Spinelli, co-founder of Amazing Explorers Academy.

Creating daily connections between the two generations offers the sharing of information and experiences that benefit both the child and the senior. Doing it as part of their regular daily routines makes it even more beneficial.

“The concept is simple, yet the benefits are phenomenal for our seniors and the children. This is an industry-changing opportunity,” said Joseph Jasmon, CEO of American Healthcare Management Group, operators of the new senior living community.



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