Senior Living provider American Baptist Homes of the Midwest & Eversound partner to offer residents solution to hearing loss

April 25, 2018

BOSTON, MA–Eversound, the provider of hearing technology and resident engagement solutions for senior living communities, has announced a partnership with American Baptist Homes of the Midwest (ABHM). ABHM, based in Eden Prairie, MN, owns and operates leading senior living and healthcare centers in six states and will be rolling out Eversound to all seven of their communities.

Eversound designs and develops proprietary audio technologies which help everyone hear clearly during movies, presentations and other group activities. Their patented wireless headphone system is specifically tuned to the needs of seniors and provides an enhanced listening experience compared to conventional hearing aids.

“The mission of ABHM is to create healthy Christian communities that empower people, and Eversound is an important tool for accomplishing that mission” said David Zwickey, CEO/president, of ABHM. “Eversound enables our hearing impaired residents to hear with a level of clarity they haven’t experienced in years. It has increased resident participation in our life enrichment programs and their quality of life. The response by ABHM residents and staff to Eversound has been extremely positive.”

Many activities professionals spend hours planning and preparing entertaining programs, only to be discouraged by the number of residents who fail to show up or are disengaged at events. In many cases the problem is simply that residents struggle to hear clearly due to natural age-related hearing loss.

Eversound, which is designed specifically for older adults, improves hearing clarity by providing direct audio to users’ ears. Communities using Eversound report significant improvements in resident participation, engagement, well-being and quality of life. Now Eversound is rolling out nationwide, thanks in large part to a partnership with ABHM.

“While hearing aids can be helpful, they’re often overly expensive, easy to lose and challenging to operate for users who lack manual dexterity,” said Jake Reisch, CEO and co-founder of Eversound. “We believe that beautiful, easy-to-use audio products can be the answer, and our team is excited to be delivering high fidelity sound to a larger audience for less than the cost of one premium hearing aid.”

“We are pleased to be partnering with American Baptist Homes of the Midwest and offering their residents this new experience. Giving the gift of hearing is incredible and has a dramatic impact on both the residents and staff,” added Matt Reiners, VP of Customer Impact and co-founder of Eversound.

“The effects are immediate, and as a result the morale of both the residents and staff is significantly improved. Hearing loss is a natural part of the aging process, but when it is left unaddressed, it has been linked to mental decline, social isolation and depression. With the 65+ population nearly doubling by 2050, we look forward to developing our partnership with ABHM to address such a critical need,” said Reiners.



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