Sinceri Senior Living Announces Their Partnership with Viva Vita

January 17, 2022

Sinceri Senior Living (formerly JEA Senior Living) announced their partnership with Viva Vita, a senior living engagement company focused on improving mental wellness and quality of life for seniors everywhere through virtual reality technology.

This partnership comes after many conversations between Viva Vita’s CEO and Founder, Carleigh Berryman, and Sinceri Senior Living’s VP of Programming, Kayla Wersal.

“From our initial conversations surrounding resident engagement, shared values, and our passion to help the seniors we serve experience rich, fulfilling lives, we knew that this would be a strong and fruitful partnership that benefits all those we serve across our service lines of independent living, assisted living, and memory care,” shares Kayla Wersal, VP of Programming at Sinceri Senior Living. “The Virtual Reality experiences delivered by Viva Vita provide seniors with an opportunity to explore the world from the comfort of their home, while providing meaningful and engaging connection.”

The foundations of this partnership between Viva Vita and Sinceri are being built on their shared values and mission of serving seniors. The similarities are striking, as both companies were family-founded based on the founder’s personal experience with a senior loved one.

For Sinceri, this stems from the founder’s personal experience with senior living and dementia, through his mother, Margaret. Following Margaret’s passing, Sinceri developed purpose-built communities and its own unique, and proprietary programming, Meaningful Moments. Meaningful Moments builds purposeful programming into each resident’s day in a way that integrates their personal preferences and empowers them to live life to the fullest.

Similarly, at Viva Vita, the company name literally means “Live Life” in Italian. Carleigh Berryman, Viva Vita’s CEO and Founder, shares how a conversation with her grandmother sparked the company into life: “It was my own grandmother telling me one day that she didn’t even ‘have a reason to get out of bed in the morning’ that initially planted the seed and formulated the ethos behind Viva Vita and the development of our VR amenities. Glenda, or ‘Granny’ to me, was the inspiration to bring this solution to seniors everywhere.”

As Sinceri and Viva Vita look forward to their nationwide rollout (starting Jan. 15), Sinceri residents, their families, and Sinceri team members are looking forward to the many benefits that virtual reality will bring to their personalized programming.

“Viva Vita is proud to partner with Sinceri to deliver the power of virtual reality to their communities across the country. Sinceri has been quick to embrace technology for their residents’ health and wellbeing and championing this VR initiative further establishes them as a future-facing brand. With Viva Vita’s revolutionary VR amenities, Sinceri’s numerous communities can empower their senior residents to “Live Life” to the fullest, each and every day,” said Carleigh Berryman, Viva Vita, CEO and Founder.

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