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Surpass Senior Living Gives An Envoy To Seniors Across America

For many seniors in America, preserving their independence is vital to living a full, active and healthy life. This includes the ability to visit friends and family, get to medical appointments, and attend cultural and religious events when they want or need to, without depending on others. Surpass Senior Living, owner and operator of eight senior living communities in the United States has entered into an innovative partnership with Envoy America, the national ridesharing service for seniors, to augment its transportation services and provide residents with more of the independence they desire.

“For many seniors, preserving their independence is vital to living a full, active and healthy life,” said Sevy Gambs, vice president of operation for Surpass Senior Living. “Because of this, using a ridesharing service like Envoy America is becoming less foreign to them, and they now see it as a way to enhance the quality of their lives on so many levels including promoting family, social and community engagement to sustain and grow a positive and healthy mental outlook. We are delighted to be among the first senior living companies in the country to bring Envoy America to our communities.”

Surpass Senior Living is piloting the Envoy America program at three communities, including Mariposa Point of Gilbert, in Gilbert, Arizona, Mariposa Point of Surprise, in Surprise, Arizona, and the Heritage at Twin Creeks in Allen, Texas.

Residents, their family members and caregivers can utilize the safe, reliable, convenient and affordable transportation option at their convenience by simply requesting a ride through their in-house concierge staff. With resident safety a paramount priority at all Surpass Senior Living communities, Envoy America’s unyielding emphasis on passenger safety through detailed driver background checks, zero tolerance policy, exceptional customer service, unparalleled driver training programs and more was critical to deciding to partner with the ridesharing service. Envoy America can also offer significant cost savings for residents with rates that are on average 25 percent less expensive than taxi or other ridesharing services.

For Andi Dice, a resident of the Mariposa Point of Gilbert senior living community, the new partnership with Envoy America gives her more flexibility and freedom to take care of herself. “In the past, I’ve had to rely on more expensive and unreliable taxis to shuttle me to and from the grocery store or medical appointments,” said Dice.  “Using Envoy America will likely save me hundreds of dollars each year and the added independence of being able to get around town when I want or need to has made all the difference in how I plan my days.”

“Our mission at Envoy America is to help seniors stay independent, healthy and socially active – all without getting behind the wheel of a car,” said K. C. Kanaan, CEO of Envoy America. “Persons 65 years or older represent about one in every seven Americans — far too often this population can live in isolation and lack mobility and independence due to little or no transportation options. Our partnership with Surpass Senior Living is aimed at helping to improve the overall quality of care and lifestyle for their residents.”

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