Tellico Village Sees Huge Growth as Tennessee Ranks Third Most Moved to State

U-Haul has released its annual growth index report and Tennessee ranked third in the country in 2021, down slightly from the top spot in 2020. The report shows people continue to move to southern states in large numbers as the pandemic lingers, many with a desire to find an affordable destination for retirement.

Tellico Village is an active adult retirement community in East Tennessee. The Village sits on 4,800 hundred acres situated on Tellico Lake and is host to a full range of amenities including recreational and wellness facilities, three award-winning golf courses, yacht club, walking and biking trails, boating and water sports, and more. Approximately 10,000 residents call Tellico Village home and hundreds more are moving to the area.

Tennessee’s Tellico Village is one community that has seen this massive increase in people moving to the area.  The waterfront community saw a nearly 80% increase in new home construction because there weren’t enough homes on the market to meet the demand of people flocking to the area. Tellico Village is a waterfront active adult retirement community nestled in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains. Surrounded by Tellico Lake, the community boasts three world-class golf courses and amenities including wellness and sports facilities, gourmet dining, churches, retail, hiking trails and more than one hundred clubs for social interaction. Recently, Tellico Village Property Owners Association acquired 225 additional acres from the original developers, generating potential for hundreds of new homesites to help meet the demand.

A recent study by Bankrate named Tennessee the third best state to retire in 2021. The study ranked states by data including climate, tax rates, cost of living and access to health care. The study ranks Tennessee number one in affordability, due to the combination of below-average living costs and low taxes.

Location is another big draw for Tennessee. People want to live conveniently with accessible health care, shopping, and entertainment. Tellico Village is located within a one-day drive of 75% of the U.S. population.