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Two Norwalk Centenarians Celebrate Birthdays in July at Bridges® by EPOCH

July 21, 2022

NORWALK, CT—Two residents at Bridges® by EPOCH at Norwalk ring in their birthday celebration the same month that America turns 246 years old. The community recently hosted a patriotic-inspired rooftop deck celebration for Theresa Bonefant, who turned 102 on July 13, and Frances Seuch, who will turn 104 on July 22.

During the celebration, Seuch shared her sage wisdom on living a long life. “Just try every day to be happy and make others around you happy,” she said.

Bonefant was born in 1920, the same year the 19th Amendment gave women the right to vote. She has called the community home since 2019. Seuch was born in 1918, toward the end of World War I. She moved to the community in 2021.

Dozens of Bridges® by EPOCH at Norwalk residents and team members, as well as Bonefant and Seuch’s families attended the celebration, which included a band and cookout prepared by the Bridges® culinary team.

Bonefant’s family expressed their gratitude for the special celebration. “Our family is most appreciative that our mother was honored by Bridges on her 102nd birthday,” a family member said.

Bridges® by EPOCH was pleased to be able to put together an event to commemorate this exciting milestone in these residents’ lives. “It is always a joy to see smiles on our residents’ faces,” said Alexandra McDaniel. “We were thrilled to host a party to celebrate these BIG birthdays!”

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