Watercrest Senior Living Group Promotes Common Unity with ‘Think Green’ Initiative

July 5, 2019

VERO BEACH, FL–At Watercrest Senior Living communities across the state, residents and associates embarked upon a month-long ‘Think Green’ movement, part of a themed series of Watercrest’s Common Unity initiatives. At Watercrest, Common Unity initiatives inspire a sense of community at each location, while fulfilling needs in their hometowns and supporting residents in staying connected in meaningful ways.

The ‘Think Green’ initiative encourages education, creativity, and collaboration with community partners while supporting conservation, sustainability and preservation of natural resources.

In East Lake, Tampa, memory care residents delighted in watching a mother bird feed her young as they learned about marine and aviary life on an Odyssey Nature Cruise. In Sebastian, residents visited Home Depot to select plants, flowers and herbs which they planted in their community garden, while in Kissimmee, residents enjoyed a unique excursion to the auto recycling center to learn about the afterlife of car parts and metals.

“Our themed Common Unity initiatives provide learning opportunities and unique projects for residents, associates, and family members,” said Sheena Jeffries, Engagement Specialist at Watercrest Senior Living Group. “It is exciting to watch residents interact with creativity and engagement as they work together to better their own community and their hometowns.”

In the communities, family members enjoyed a Garden Party where residents collected ink cartridges and pop tops to benefit local elementary schools, and a Family Night Recycled Art Show with unique artwork such as stunning flowers created from water bottles.

Community partners and guest lecturers delivered unique presentations. A guest speaker from the Environmental Learning Center discussed the Indian River Lagoon, while Brightview Landscapes in Orlando honored residents with a tree planting and educational seminar to commemorate Arbor Day. Many residents devoted to their gardening delighted in the first ‘Harvest Day’ where their carefully grown herbs were harvested and delivered to their chef who demonstrated the culinary uses of the herbs.

Watercrest Senior Living Group instills a driving ambition to positively affect communities in every sense: personally, culturally, dynamically, economically, aesthetically, and most certainly environmentally.  Their environmental initiatives start long before the construction of a Watercrest Senior Living community and the impacts are felt far beyond completion.  Environmental benefits are a critical element for the developers, architects, designers, builders, and operators to implement and to be carried on to the daily activities of residents, associates, family members and the surrounding community.

Watercrest is committed to positively influencing the needs of our hometowns and keeping our seniors connected in meaningful ways by driving Common Unity initiatives. Residents, staff and community partners were inspired by ‘Thinking Green’ and are intently planning June’s ‘Longest Day’ initiative to honor individuals living with Alzheimer’s and dementia related illness.

A certified Great Place to Work, Watercrest Senior Living Group specializes in the development and operations of assisted living and memory care communities and the growth of servant leaders.

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