Accushield’s Love Meter Tackles Isolation in Senior Living and Skilled Nursing Facilities

ATLANTA, GA—For the past nine years, Accushield has been an innovative leader in digital sign-in. Additionally, they have developed a health care visitor management system designed by executive directors to help senior living communities, nursing homes and hospitals detect who is in their building. For example, a case study performed at Celebration Village in Acworth, Georgia, an AgeWell Living Community, utilized the Accushield Love Meter to measure each resident’s visitation data in correlation with isolation and loneliness.

Isolation is one of the most pressing issues facing seniors today. According to AARP, more than one-third of Americans over age 45 report feeling lonely or isolated on a regular basis. Even more surprising is that this number increases in the senior population, with the most common predictors of loneliness being their social network, physical isolation, age, depression, urbanicity, anxiety and overall health. Accushield aims to identify and address the need for preventative health care in senior living communities. With more seniors suffering from chronic loneliness, this new technology provides community managers with the tools to identify the problem at the source.

“The Accushield Love Meter is a powerful tool that combats isolation at Celebration Village [in] Acworth. It promotes social, intellectual and spiritual growth within our community, part of the Masterpiece Living philosophy. The Love Meter feature prevents isolation and loneliness among residents by having easy access to reports that illustrate who is getting visitors and who is not,” said Keith Magnan, vice president of operations at AgeWell Living.

Accushield created the Love Meter technology to assist providers in tracking social isolation by using data and analytics. Designed to increase awareness about isolation levels at the facility level, the Love Meter provides facility leaders with a real-time snapshot of how connected their community members are and where they might need more support. Tracking this data makes it easy to determine the quality of interactions between caregivers and residents in senior living communities, and prioritize the decrease of loneliness as a critical preventative health care issue for seniors.

The Love Meter is a data point pulled from the community visitor history that provides the ability to see the least-visited residents in the building.

“Isolation and depression go hand-in-hand,” said Charles Mann, co-founder and CSO of Accushield. “So understanding who the least-visited residents are can improve overall community health and prevent move-outs from unhappy residents.”