Affinity Living Group CEO Responds to Viral Story, Clarifies Assisted Living Myths

March 14, 2019

“No nursing home for us. We’ll be checking into a Holiday Inn!”

These words, originally posted on Facebook by Texas resident Terry Robison in February, have since been shared more than 130,000 times across the social media site and referenced in news stories across the United States and even in other countries.

Robison goes on in his post to paint a picture of luxurious living for his “golden age,” hopping from hotel to hotel, relaxing by the pool with his grandchildren and ordering room service every day—all of this, he said, for much less than you’d pay for “nursing home care.”

Most of us realize Robison’s big plan isn’t practical. But, what many don’t seem to realize, is that you can have all of those luxuries in your golden years, with the added benefits of security, assistance with medication management and bathing, access to appropriate healthcare, transportation and more—and you can have it without breaking the bank. It isn’t “nursing home care” we’re talking about —it’s assisted living.

So, what is assisted living?

Assisted living provides for independence where desired and assistance where required for more than 1 million seniors daily. This includes assistance with activities of daily life like bathing and dressing. Residents live in companion suites or private apartments, and enjoy meals and snacks fitting their dietary needs, plus daily activities and social gatherings.

Recently the National Council on Aging found that 75 percent of seniors have at least one chronic health condition, and that most have two or more. Many of these conditions require daily medications, which assisted living teams can often help residents manage. Tailored exercise programs, such as Affinity Living Group’s Go 4 Life program, provide added health benefits for seniors with or without chronic health conditions, and also help lessen fall risk—the leading cause of senior injuries and death.

For the most part, assisted living is moderately priced—it is the middle-of-the-road model for long-term care. While the choice at the Holiday Inn is either cash or charge, our residents use many financial resources to provide for their care, including Social Security, pensions, retirement funds, insurance, veterans’ aid, and Medicaid benefits.

An added benefit of assisted living that hotel chains just can’t compete with—that feeling of community. Assisted living communities bring together a group of similarly-aged peers and offer daily activities, like music, art, and games, that residents with common interests can participate in together. When you move into an assisted living community you unpack your suitcase, because you’re not just there for a visit—you’re home.

Robison may have the right idea about kicking back, relaxing and letting someone else handle his day-to-day needs as he ages, he just focused them around the wrong company.

Dear Mr. Robison—give your nearest Affinity Living Group assisted living community a call and let one of our experts guide you toward living your best life.


Charles Trefzger, CEO Affinity Living Group

With more than 100 communities in 5 states, Affinity Living Group, based in Hickory, NC, is the largest senior housing provider in the southeastern United States. Affinity’s mission is to provide a full continuum of affordable, traditional, and premier housing and care services for older adults, delivered by a team of passionate and respectful professionals, at locations throughout the United States.

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