The Allure Group’s EarlySense Launch Yields Big Results in First Six Months

March 28, 2018

BROOKLYN, NY–In July of 2017, The Allure Group announced that it would be the first and only network of skilled nursing facilities in Brooklyn, NY, to implement EarlySense. Six months after the contact-free patient monitoring system’s installation, their investment has been validated: the sensors, placed under beds to track vital signs and movement, have reduced transfer rates, falls, and other adverse events.

EarlySense’s patented sensors and advanced algorithms monitor and analyze cardiac, respiratory, and motion parameters, assisting clinicians in early detection of patient deterioration. Statistics have demonstrated a correlation between EarlySense implementation and a 45% reduction in patient falls, a 60% reduction in bedsores, and an 80% reduction in code blue events.

Since implementation, case studies at Allure’s Bedford Center have shown patients with various issues aided due to early detection and intervention. EarlySense’s exit alerts, for instance, helped prevent high-risk patients from falling, while its respiratory alerts helped detect and treat pain in several case studies.

EarlySense adoption began at Allure’s Bedford Center and has gradually expanded. “Investment in EarlySense technology represents The Allure Group’s ongoing commitment to provide the highest quality of care for more than 1,436 resident patients throughout our network,” said Melissa Powell, COO. “Through improved patient monitoring and data collection,” medical staff are alerted “before serious problems occur and can respond to patients’ specific needs swiftly and effectively. This is another step forward in our evolution of advanced care.”

Reduction of adverse events is beneficial to facilities (which incur financial penalties when patients are readmitted) and to patients whose safety and health are improved. Above all, EarlySense allows for efficient and personalized assistance.

“EarlySense alerts are customizable to individual patients,” said Rekha Bhandari, chief medical officer at Allure, “allowing our medical staff to provide personalized care tailored to each resident’s needs. The technology has also been shown to cut down on false alarms, improving response times by enabling us to focus care where it’s most critically needed.”

Founded on the principles of compassion, respect and clinical excellence, The Allure Group offers innovative rehabilitation programs and sub-acute nursing care in New York City, with facilities in Bay Ridge, East New York, Williamsburg, Bensonhurst, Crown Heights, and Harlem. Said EarlySense Inc President Tim O’Malley of their relationship, “We are very pleased to be able to call The Allure Group a customer.”

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