BaneCare Management Improves Patient Satisfaction with Survey Data and PointClickCare Solutions

September 19, 2018

TORONTO–BaneCare Management LLC, a Massachusetts-based senior care provider operating 12 facilities, leveraged PointClickCare’s electronic health record (EHR) platform and insights from patient satisfaction surveys to gather and analyze actionable data to improve patient care.

BaneCare quantifies its level of patient satisfaction based on the rating it receives from the CoreQ patient experience survey. After noticing a variance in their results, BaneCare created its own survey that collected data on patients’ experiences during the admission process. Survey questions focused on three critical areas:

  • How well personnel explained what the patient should expect from the stay
  • Initial rating of the nursing staff
  • Overall rating of the rehabilitation staff

The admission survey results, along with real-time patient data collected by caregivers using PointClickCare’s platform, served as the basis for making continual adjustments to care during the patient’s stay. Within a few days of patients leaving the facility, BaneCare used a discharge survey to collect additional data to inform future improvements.

The feedback and insights gained were used to inform the creation of a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) sheet to help staff explain and help the patient/family understand what to expect during stay at the facility. In 2018, after partnering with PointClickCare, many BaneCare facilities earned scores in the mid 90 percent range or higher.

“Our story should serve as a testament of the need for health and senior care providers to leverage insights and technology to find solutions for industry challenges,” said Timothy Carey, performance improvement manager, BaneCare. “Our story shows that you can stand out from the crowd by doing simple things well. Our data indicated that a simple solution—an FAQ—is more than sufficient to improve care. Leveraging technology leaders in the healthcare industry such as PointClickCare also gives us the confidence in our insights.”

“BaneCare’s proactive, innovative approach toward addressing challenges to patient satisfaction through innovative technology is evidence of its dedication to care and forward thinking,” said Russ DePriest, senior vice president and general manager, Skilled Nursing Division, PointClickCare. “As we move toward a model that encourages the sharing of patient information throughout the care continuum, we are also positioning facilities such as BaneCare to be a referral of choice and partner with hospitals, ACOs, and large physician groups by improving their outcomes and arming them with the most comprehensive, up-to-date patient data possible.”

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