HeartLegacy’s Video Apps Keep Senior Living Communities and Remote Professionals Connected During COVID-19 Threat

March 19, 2020

DAPHNE, AL–HeartLegacy®, LLC, a Daphne, Alabama-based technology company providing video apps to multiple industries, has announced the availability of its SalesMail® video messaging app for free to senior care corporate executives in the United States and Canada.

SalesMail lets users send branded and personalized video messages from their smartphone or desktop for a variety of communications. During interruptions to business operations, senior care leaders can use SalesMail to send personalized video communications in order to:

  • Maintain highly-personal connections with families despite visitation constraints.
  • Keep pipelines full while community tours are postponed.
  • Send personalized video introductions, follow-ups, and video tours.
  • Enhance internal communications while travel restrictions are in effect.
  • Keep families and staff updated with important announcements.

“We’re facing an unprecedented situation right now, and we felt it was essential to do our part in assisting senior care leaders amidst extremely challenging circumstances,” said Walt Armentrout, HeartLegacy CEO and Founder. “Our SalesMail video messaging app is available for free to senior care corporate executives as they adapt to a new environment. Those interested should reach out to us this month, and we’ll handle it from there.”

Leaders who supplement correspondence with video find that recipients better comprehend the information that is being shared and pay closer attention to it. More importantly, video communication helps families and teams feel closer to leadership and to the organization, thus delivering peace of mind and improving family and employee experiences.

In addition to senior care organizations, recruiters and sales professionals in several verticals use SalesMail to get face-to-face with prospects despite not being there in person; overcome lead deficits due to conference cancellations; build strong relationships with new hire candidates; engage remote employees; and much more.

SalesMail is ideal for all businesses operating in, or shifting to, a virtual work environment.

Senior care leaders with C-Suite and VP-level titles can request their free SalesMail app at

Recruiters, direct sales professionals, and all other verticals can find info and request a demo at

HeartLegacy, LLC, specializes in video applications for businesses in senior care, recruiting, technology, and various vertical markets. HeartLegacy’s video apps help businesses generate leads, build strong relationships, close deals faster, and keep target audiences engaged.

SalesMail is developed, marketed, and sold by HeartLegacy, LLC, a technology company specializing in video apps for businesses in senior care, recruiting, technology, and various vertical markets.

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