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New Company Charts Territory in Wellness

February 19, 2019

WEST WARWICK, RI—Lighting Science Group has launched Healthe Inc.® with a mission to create environments where light is an active component of one’s health. Healthe is carrying forward the Lighting Science legacy, utilizing its core technology and intellectual property to create circadian solutions that support the health, well-being and performance of people through their built environments. The company is launching an extensive line of new commercial products as well as incorporating the consumer products that made Lighting Science the leading circadian lighting company of the past decade.

The average American spends approximately 90% of his or her time indoors, where daytime lighting is a poor substitute for natural sunlight and indoor pollutants can result in lost productivity. At the same time, one in three adults is not getting enough sleep, in part due to disruption in sleep-wake cycles. Healthe’s expansive product offerings help alleviate many of these modern problems by regulating your body’s circadian clock and improving air quality.

Based on its origins collaborating with NASA scientists, Healthe’s technology is now being adopted as part of the standard for human-centric built environments—in residences, schools, offices, hotels, senior living communities, government buildings, sports centers, and healthcare facilities. Among the many locations featuring Healthe products are the headquarters of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Prisons, a senior living community in Louisiana by Sunshine Retirement Living, a school for children on the autistic spectrum by The Sonder Academy, the Sleep Lab in the Virginia Hospital Center and multiple properties of hotel chain Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas. Healthe is riding on the momentum of growing demand as it continues to deliver well-being solutions using light as a platform.

All Healthe products—from the popular bulbs, table lamps and JOURNI™ Mobile Task Light, to the 480™ Commercial Spec Line of architectural lighting products that will be launching soon—use the patented GoodDay® and GoodNight® engineered spectrum. Healthe’s GoodDay products simulate the blue in natural sunlight to help increase alertness and focus and improve productivity during the day. GoodNight products feature a blue-depleted spectrum to enhance the body’s natural response to sunset and enable users to experience a better night’s sleep relative to conventional lighting. The Cleanse™ products utilize the sanitizing properties of ultraviolet LEDs and HEPA filtration systems, combining proprietary technology in multi-stage cleaning processes to eliminate pathogens and odors.

“There is a place for Healthe products in every living space within the built environment,” said Khim Lee, CEO of Healthe. “It is not only a human solution but an economic solution. The challenges we are addressing touch almost every industry – from reducing hospital-acquired infections to improving workplace productivity, decreasing absenteeism and providing a better sleep experience.”

“Healthe understands that its greatest contribution is not ambient light but the potential of using LED lighting to improve human health, learning and alertness. It is a wonderful part of our portfolio of companies focused on well-being and sustainability” said Craig Cogut, Founder and CEO of Pegasus, Lighting Sciences’ largest shareholder.

Healthe’s consumer products are available through channel partners including Sleep Number Stores and Amazon in the United States, Costco in Canada and distributors in China, the United Kingdom and elsewhere in Europe. Its commercial products are represented in major metropolitan markets by an expanding network of lighting agents.

Healthe is the leading provider of circadian and biological lighting solutions whose proprietary line of commercial and consumer products help regulate your body’s circadian clock, boost performance, enhance sleep and improve air quality.


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