Apartment Guide Releases 2019 Study Showing 10 Best Cities for Senior Living

August 28, 2019

ATLANTA–A July 2019 study from Apartment Guide was recently put together to assess which cities could boast the most benefits for seniors. 

The study encompassed over 750 cities and examined variables like the number of senior properties in comparison to population and the amount of access to quality healthcare, as well as cost of living, and average weather temperatures. Then the metrics were analyzed to find the ten most favorable cities in the nation for senior living. The assessment was then further broken down into the five best smaller senior-friendly cities (with populations under 200k) and five larger ones (between 200k and 1.5m people).  

Apartment Guide focused on big data and economic modeling to establish which cities made the final list.

Based on combined statistics, the research demonstrated that the number one small city for quality senior living is Coral Gables, FL. The study cites good weather, access to the nearby city of Miami, and plenty of amenities like that “30 percent of its land is made up of green space from golf courses and parks.”

The optimal large city for senior living was identified as Boise, ID. Williams quotes the “idyllic mountain town” atmosphere as well as general affordability as large positives  but also makes note of the tax benefits for seniors and low crime rates that made this western town outshine its rivals.

Runners up in the categories of most livable small cities include Jacksonville, NC, which boasts beautiful coastline views, and Blue Springs, MO, where the cost of living is low enough that average monthly rent comes in at $675.

Other notable larger cities that cater to senior living include Omaha, NE, where recent growth has meant more access to senior living and medical facilities, as well as Glendale, AZ, which has the distinction of being near Phoenix while retaining the desert beauty associated with that area.

The article goes on to break down the different types of senior living options as well as the extensive methodology that went into creating the study. This gives readers the ability to engage with the reasoning and understand the reliability of the study.

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