Asbury Communities Awards a 10-Year Integrated Facilities Management and Dining Service Contract Extension to Sodexo, a Strategic Partner Supporting Growth, Innovation and Service Delivery

January 31, 2018

GAITHERSBURG, MD–Asbury Communities, Inc., and Sodexo have announced the continuation of a successful 10-year partnership through the award of a 10-year contract extension that is focused on driving new growth, innovation and service delivery in the senior living industry. With a commitment to continually improve the quality of life for residents and care providers, Sodexo has worked with Asbury Communities to identify and implement solutions that support Asbury’s mission to “do all the good we can by providing exceptional lifestyle opportunities to those we serve.”

“The most valuable element of our partnership with Sodexo is their team’s ability to customize services to meet the myriad needs of our communities across the system,” explained Asbury Communities President and CEO Doug Leidig. “The expertise and thoroughness Sodexo brings to the table is certainly a differentiator in our eyes.”

Sodexo will expand operations in the dining services and facilities areas including management of the retail, dining and restaurant spaces, laundry, landscaping, HVAC systems and health and well-being programs and facilities. The Sodexo360 energy management program will continue to support Asbury Communities’ commitment to reducing its carbon footprint. The environmental services program will continue to feature the innovative Pulsed-Xenon Ultra-Violate light germ-killing technology that adds an extra measure of protection against infections and flu-causing virus.

“This exciting partnership extension shows how our work with Asbury is meeting residents’ changing needs and expectations while we also anticipate and implement solutions to address the future needs of residents, associates and the entire industry,” said Joe Cuticelli, CEO of Seniors North America for Sodexo.

Several new services are planned including the addition of Bistro 464 at the Bethany Village community and the introduction of the Household living concept at the Asbury Place communities in Tennessee, which provide a person-centered service model in their health care centers.

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