Assisted Living & Healthcare Companies Avoid High Risk Hires with IntegrityFirst

May 1, 2019

Highlights from the study include:

  • Up to a 750% Return on Investment (ROI) based on workers compensation savings
  • 37% reduction in employee turnover
  • 42% reduction in days lost to workers’ compensation claims

Job applicants who were administered the IntegrityFirst test at the 25 assisted living and healthcare organizations admitted to the following high-risk behaviors:

  • 5% Self-admitted to Theft
  • 8% Self-admitted to Substance Abuse
  • 12% Self-admitted to Dishonesty
  • 1% Self-admitted to Hostility

“We are very excited for the results we continue to achieve for our assisted living and healthcare clients,” said Mark Walker, vice president of business development at IntegrityFirst. “In fact, we’ve had so much success, I am proud to announce a version of IntegrityFirst dedicated to the assisted living and healthcare industry! If you are an existing IntegrityFirst client please contact your account representative to learn more today.”

IntegrityFirst, is the leading provider of overt employment integrity tests in the U.S., offering an unrivaled money back guarantee on workers’ compensation loss rates. For over 38 years IntegrityFirst has helped organizations large and small improve the quality of the candidates they hire. By hiring those job candidates with integrity, organizations see significant improvements in employee retention and workers’ compensation costs.

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