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Atria Senior Living Launches Social Media Campaign

April 29, 2016

LOUISVILLE, KY–Atria Senior Living, one of the nation's largest providers of independent living, assisted living and memory care services, announced the launch of a new charitable social media campaign on Facebook, "Compliments to Yo Mama" video, benefitting Every Mother Counts – a non-profit organization that is dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother, everywhere.

Seeking to engage people through the immediacy, emotional impact and fundraising power of social media, the 'Compliments to Yo Mama' campaign will help spread joy and foster reverence for mothers everywhere in advance of Mother's Day. The playful campaign creative celebrates the many wondrous attributes of mothers—from wisdom, "My Mama So Wise, Jedis Seek Her Counsel" to loveable quotient, "My Mama So Adorable, Kittens Watch YouTube Videos of Her".
"Atria is home to over 15,000 women, most of whom are moms," said Anne Pinter, executive vice president at Atria Senior Living. "Because we are a company that reveres motherhood, we feel that every mother deserves to be healthy and happy—that's why we're so proud to support Every Mother Counts."

Atria will donate five dollars to Every Mother Counts (up to $10,000) for every share of its Mother's Day video on Facebook. "Sharing this is important because over 300,000 women die every year because of complications during pregnancy and childbirth and 98% of these are preventable. These dollars are going to transportation, educational programs and purchase of supplies and equipment needed to serve women around the world," continued Pinter.

Atria Senior Living is a leading operator of independent living, supportive living, assisted living and memory care communities in 179 locations in 28 states and seven Canadian provinces. We are the residence of choice for more than 21,000 seniors, and the workplace of choice for more than 12,500 employees. We create vibrant communities where older adults can thrive and participate, know that their contributions are valued, and enjoy access to opportunities and support that help them keep making a difference in our world.   

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