CareAlert Transforms Wall Outlets into Smart Well-Being Monitors

January 14, 2019

ATLANTA–CareAlert, the first of its kind well-being monitor system from SensorsCall, was developed after a frantic late-night visit to check on an aging parent after phone calls went unanswered for hours. The non-invasive technology preserves seniors’ independence while providing family or caregivers with regular safety updates, among other features. Unlike cameras or other monitoring systems that can feel like a violation of privacy, CareAlert monitors seniors’ environment and how they interact with and affect it, notifying contacts of any irregularities or safety concerns.

Utilizing artificial intelligence and deep learning, CareAlert is able to collect information about the environment it is placed in, learn patterns, predict outcomes and provide insightful and actionable analysis to the end-user. To create a household monitoring network, CareAlert sensors are simply plugged into wall outlets around the home. The sensors create a “living baseline” by collecting data for the initial week that is analyzed in the cloud by SensorCall’s proprietary algorithms. Once the devices have learned what is normal activity in a senior’s home, they can monitor the environment and relay any anomalies back to family members or caregivers via a mobile app.

If a loved one cannot be reached by phone, CareAlert has a built-in speaker that can be accessed through the app to check in without jumping in the car or calling a neighbor. This feature can also be used to leave a timed message that will alert the senior when medication needs to be taken or for other helpful reminders. These messages can easily be recorded and scheduled in the app. In addition, CareAlert can monitor a living environment for toxicity, temperature and more. Daily reports in the app rate the environment, activity, comfort and overall well-being of the senior so changes can easily be noted and addressed.

CareAlert can be integrated with Google Assistant, Apple Home Kit, Amazon Alexa and Cortana.


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