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CaringOnDemand Announces New StaffingOnDemand Program Free to Senior Living Operators in U.S.

April 10, 2020

WEST PALM BEACH, FL–CaringOnDemand has announced a new program, StaffingOnDemand, to help meet the rising demand for caregivers created by the COVID-19 virus. The free program is designed to provide supplemental staffing to senior living operators around the United States.

With the increasing number of those infected by COVID-19, staffing will continue to become a significant factor impacting senior living communities. CaringOnDemand developed StaffingOnDemand within their innovative technology platform to empower communities with a scalable staffing solution.

Home Care providers can join the provider network for free and can select and identify their own caregivers to participate in the program. These caregivers download a free mobile app and can accept shift requests directly from Senior Living operators.

“We are reaching out to every provider who has available staff to register with CaringOnDemand, waiving licensing fees and training costs, as well as a fast-track onboarding process to expeditiously leverage the platform to help our seniors,” said Steven East of Caring People. “If 50 providers in NYC each have two to five available qualified caregivers who can assist during this crisis, we now have an additional 100-500 caregivers who can service anywhere from 500-4,000 seniors a day.”

Senior care services have experienced record demand year after year, and even in optimal conditions, staffing for home health aides can be scarce, especially when it comes to certified nursing assistants. The need for dedicated, committed and passionate homecare providers is at an all-time high.

By using CaringOnDemand’s uniform care delivery platform, StaffingOnDemand ensures all care is being provided to the highest level of professionalism, on time and with provider oversight.

In addition, CaringOnDemand has significantly updated their policies and protocols to mitigate the risk of spreading the coronavirus including: making key safety tools and PPE available to caregivers, temperature screening before shifts, and re-staffing to fill shifts with a different caregiver as needed.

CaringOnDemand is calling on all Home Care Providers to become a part of the StaffingOnDemand network now and join their mission to deliver excellent and efficient patient care, while being a part of the solution in the COVID-19 crisis.

CaringOnDemand is an on-demand care delivery platform that empowers senior housing providers to provide Uber-like care to their residents. CaringOnDemand provides seniors with only the care they need, facilitating a lifestyle that keeps residents both happy and healthy so they can age in place longer across the entire care continuum.

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