CEO to Huckabee: 9M Vietnam Vets and Spouses can get up to $2,985/Month

November 11, 2019

NASHVILLE, TN–Patriot Angels CEO Suzette Graham celebrates Veterans Day by announcing on Mike Huckabee’s TBN television program that there are over 9 million Vietnam Veterans and spouses now potentially eligible for up to $2,985 a month, tax free, for their senior living care.  Are you or someone you love one of them?  Help a Veteran and share this story.

The Wartime Pension with Aid and Attendance benefit is paid for by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. However, most Vietnam, Korean and WWII Veterans and spouses do not know this benefit exists. A recent VA report shows that there are 15 million Wartime Veterans and only 1.63% are collecting this benefit.  Huckabee said, “It’s like having treasure buried in your own yard but being unaware it’s there.”

Graham said, “Patriot Angels is leading the change in helping U.S. Wartime Veterans and spouses get approved for their Aid and Attendance benefits by streamlining the application process and cutting through the red tape.  This is a huge benefit to U.S. Veterans and their caretaking families.”

Sarah Wall of Spartanburg, S.C., found herself lost while trying to get assistance for her father, Nicholas Sevarino, Army Paratrooper in the Vietnam War. Wall said, “Patriot Angels made it possible to provide my father with the care he needed. Without their assistance, we might still be waiting to hear from the VA about whether or not my father qualified for a pension.”

Increasing senior living expenses have Veteran families seeking financial relief. Major General USAR Dan York, a 36-year Veteran, had never heard of Aid and Attendance until his parents needed care.

York said, “My dad is a Silver Star and Purple Heart recipient earned while serving in the Korean War with the Marines. I will always be profoundly grateful to Patriot Angels for their rapid assistance in helping my parents get the financial help they needed to move into an assisted living. Patriot Angels is a major game-changer!”

“Patriot Angels does the digging; the Veteran does the living,” said Huckabee. “I’m so grateful for an organization like Patriot Angels connecting our heroes to their earned and deserved but often unclaimed benefits.”


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