Civitas Senior Living Announces Addition of Chief Wellness Officer to the Leadership Team

FORT WORTH, TX–Fort Worth-based Civitas Senior Living is thrilled to name Misty Miller its chief wellness officer, a new position added to the wellness sector of Civitas’ senior living management company, delivering enhanced quality assurance, improved performance, and innovation.

Civitas Senior Living, a leader in the senior care industry, consistently seeks new ways to improve and advance the quality of care it provides. All the components of the newly created Chief Wellness Officer position will greatly enhance the senior care services currently offered.

“As an organization, we value the wellness side of our business, and we felt it was pertinent to have a chief wellness officer to roll out and develop our Civitas wellness program for the future,” says Wayne Powell, founder and CEO of Civitas Senior Living.

Miller brings her 17 years of experience in the field of health and wellness to this innovative program. Her experience as vice president of clinical services in the senior living and nursing industry makes her an ideal choice to lead Civitas in program development and performance improvement.

With a professional history that includes director of nursing, Regional Health Service Director, and vice president of clinical services, Miller brings extensive experience to her new role. Her goal is to implement strategic initiatives and fine tune the specific areas of quality assurance, regulatory compliance, and risk management. Adding to her work experience, Miller is a registered nurse with a Master of Science, which includes an emphasis on leadership and management. Civitas co-founder and COO Cooper Vittitow adds, “Misty Miller’s experience and personality made her a perfect fit and choice for this position.”

The newly created chief wellness officer position is a compatible component to the well-established Civitas Passion Program, which is based on passionate service, passionate care, and passionate cleanliness. By placing passionate people on the front line of care, Civitas’ mission of moving forward with innovation is achieved.

Miller adds, “We have been looking at various technologies to incorporate into our wellness programming. We are currently reviewing telehealth, remote resident monitoring, and enhanced electronic health record capabilities. Our plans include expansion of our programming to provide more robust employee training with an enhanced emphasis on Quality Assurance Performance Improvement (QAPI), along with partnerships with other acute care providers to assist in reducing hospital readmissions.”

Miller sees Civitas as a true trailblazer and leader in the senior care industry, and she believes that the path ahead will be illuminated by passionate care and service. “The most exciting part is working with such a dynamic and passionate group of individuals who strive each day to find ways to improve the resident experience,” Miller says. “The chief wellness officer role is truly an opportunity to create positive and memorable experiences for the families and residents Civitas Senior Living serves.”