Clairvoyant Networks Expands Line of Award-Winning Caregiving Technology for Family and Professional Caregivers, Care Facilities

May 1, 2019

Last month, Clairvoyant announced that its Theora Connect™ wearable for care recipients and Theora Link™ smartphone app for caregivers was chosen by Texas A&M University for a pioneering research project focused on reducing Alzheimer’s caregivers’ burden. The new products are complementary to the currently shipping line.

Theora Quik Alert™ Indoor and Away Wandering Alert for Caregivers. Like all Theora solutions, Theora Quik Alert keeps caregivers connected with loved ones, but within a shorter perimeter. Theora Quik Alert has increased accuracy and reliability, instantly notifying caregivers when wandering has occurred.
●    Ideal for people with Alzheimer’s, dementia, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or other conditions requiring additional oversight
●    Immediately sends caregiver(s) smartphone text notification when care recipient is out of range
●    Ideal for most living arrangements, including apartments, shared or assisted living
●    Unobtrusive, coin-sized sensor for home covers up to 1500 square feet, and multiple sensors can extend coverage
●    Works in conjunction with Theora Connect™ wristwatch-style wearable for care recipient

Theora Rest™ is an intelligent, predictive smart sleep monitor that lies comfortably under the sheet to measure, monitor and notify caregivers when care recipients get in and out of bed, when falls often occur.
●    Unobtrusive under-the-sheet sensor is comfortable yet very sensitive to track sleep data
●    Breathing rate, movement and activity monitoring cover small movements as well as larger tossing and turning to understand the quality and class of sleep
●    Event notifications sent to caregiver’s smartphone for review and intervention if needed
●    Long-life battery last 20 days, and low battery alert notifies caregiver before battery needs recharging

“We will continue to bring new, innovative technology solutions to busy caregivers and care recipients in our mission to provide a complete solution for the entire continuum of care,” said Steve Popovich, Clairvoyant President and Chief Executive Officer. “Theora Quik Alert can help solve a monitoring issue we run into frequently—person living with Alzheimer’s in an intercity apartment or multi-unit living facility. Family and professional caregivers need to know as soon as possible when a care recipient leaves their apartment in case it’s a wandering event—and in this instance, sometimes GPS is not enough.

“Our new Quik Alert allows caregivers to receive instant text alerts for potential wandering, with greater location accuracy than GPS safe zones can reliably support. GPS is solid technology for many outdoor use cases, but in buildings it’s not as time sensitive or provides precise location,” added Popovich. Using Quik Alert’s instant notification, and solutions such as our Theora Connect wearable with the feature-rich Theora Link smartphone app, caregivers have more peace of mind for indoor, outdoor and away scenarios.”

Knowing the current status of a care recipient is critical, but historical information, along with sensor-driven streaming analytics, help caregivers understand the subtle changes in activity and other non-clinical behaviors over time. These actionable insights can help target when intervention is needed, prevent unwanted and costly hospital stays, or help recognize when a condition is progressing and may require additional care options.

Jeff Gottesman is a caregiver for his wife who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. His wife wears the Theora Connect wristwatch-style wearable, and Jeff can monitor her current location, use Safe Zones to set up boundaries for her regular outings, and be able to contact her using the cellular capabilities of the wearable.

“One of the things we like about Theora Care technology is that it is a complete solution. Unfortunately, my wife doesn’t know how to use a cell phone anymore but because one is integrated into the watch, I can use the 2-way audio feature to get in touch with her and she can reach me with only the push of a button,” said Gottesman. “Since the watch acts like a speakerphone, all she has to do it talk and listen and I know she is alright. I love that she can contact me, instead of an emergency call center which may not always be appropriate and using the GPS function I can always see where she is and where she has been. The cell phone was pre-activated when we received it, so I never have to deal with the cellular carrier, it is all handled by Clairvoyant. I look forward to expanding our current Theora Connect solution with these new wandering alerts.”

Clairvoyant Networks, LLC has developed the Theora Care remote monitoring suite of IoT devices and SaaS applications to provide family and professional caregivers with better condition information, communications, and location services for care recipients.

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