Cognitive Assessment Tools Now Available to Consumers In-Home

March 6, 2018

COLUMBIA, MD–The BCAT®, a leading provider of cognitive assessment tools for healthcare professionals, today announces the launch of a suite of services for consumers to access at home through its ENRICH® Visits website including the ENRICH® Calculator, myMemCheck™, and the BCAT® Virtual Visit. These tools are consumer-friendly and designed for individuals to take at home.

The ENRICH® Calculator is a one of a kind tool used to help consumers understand how daily life impacts their brain health. myMemCheck™ is a scientifically valid and trusted self-assessment tool to identify cognitive problems. Consumers can also schedule a session with a specialist to talk in real time about their brain health. This suite of consumer tools can dramatically impact the rate by which doctors are able to detect and diagnose cognitive impairments, such as Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

“For more than a decade, we’ve supported providers in a wide range of settings—homecare, rehab and assisted living—to help them efficiently assess cognition for their patients.Today, we are pleased to announce our suite of services for consumers at home. For those who are worried about their memory, our products provide a bridge between them and their doctor,” said William Mansbach, founder and CEO of Mansbach Health Tools LLC, which supports the BCAT Approach.

“While myMemCheck™ is not intended to replace clinical assessments, it can identify cognitive impairment at an accuracy rate of 90% or greater and inform healthcare professionals if a formal evaluation is necessary,” Mansbach added.

myMemCheck™ can successfully differentiate with high accuracy between those with normal cognitive functioning and those with probable cognitive concerns. Through a series of eight questions, myMemCheck™ accurately identifies individuals who are likely to suffer from memory impairment and those with probable mild cognitive impairment.

It does not appear to have an education or gender bias – two common concerns with similar assessments. Individuals receive a detailed report that may be used to initiate conversations with general practitioners on whether or not a more formal cognitive assessment is necessary. myMemCheck™ is a milestone achievement for the broader brain health community.

Consumers benefit from taking myMemCheck™ within the comfort of their home. Dorothy Luksic, an active 82-year-old Maryland resident notes, “I learned about myMemCheck™ and was glad to give it a try from home. It took me less than ten minutes to complete, and I plan to share the results with my doctor during our next appointment. It’s comforting to know that I am prepared for the conversation.”

Using science-backed methods and sensitivity to areas of concerns, the assessment is able to identify individuals who should pursue more formal testing with 90%+ predictive value.


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