JEA Senior Living Residents Nationwide Benefit From Eversound Wireless Headphones

June 19, 2018

VANCOUVER, WA–JEA Senior Living is proud to announce it recently outfitted all of its communities nationwide with Eversound technology

Focusing on people with hearing loss, Eversound created wireless headphones that block and drown out much of the background noise and sound distractions that normally inhibit the ability to focus on what people really need to hear. With Eversound, JEA residents have become more engaged in daily life and are able to mitigate the social isolation that comes with hearing loss.

“Eversound is a perfect fit for all of our residents, across all levels of care, and implementation couldn’t have been easier. One of JEA’s founding philosophies and a vital element for memory care communities is to add meaning and value to our resident’s day while helping them feel comfortable in their environment,” said Rachel Kohl, vice president of program development, JEA Senior Living. “We’ve seen the Eversound headphones measurably improve engagement and the ability to understand and drive deeper socialization during group events. Seeing the faces of residents and family members light up at the ability to communicate again is indescribable.”

JEA is especially excited because Eversounds helps its residents at all of its communities. Regardless of the level of care, this technology adds value to all JEA Senior Living environments—retirement and independent living, assisted living and memory care alike. All are seeing huge rewards.

In looking at JEA Program Director’s activity calendars, the Eversound headphones are providing overall life enhancement, not just “moment” enhancement. They’re designed to be used throughout each day, not just for special or unique occasions—day trips, community events, outdoor entertainment, disco dance parties and even one-on-one between residents and their loved ones.

Lici Paquette, administrator at Pacific Gardens Alzheimer’s Special Care Center in Portland, OR, related this treasured experience: “I just had a family member come to me in tears. We recently received our Eversound headphones for the building and for the first time in a ‘very long time,’ Ruthie Newcomer was able to communicate with her husband Gene. He is very hard of hearing and when combined with his advancing dementia, it’s been very difficult for her to connect and speak with him … until now. When she visited with Gene today, he was able to hear her and engage in conversation. What a beautiful meaningful moment we just experienced here at Pacific Gardens.

“Mrs. Newcomer asked me to give the biggest hug possible to whoever brought this beautiful gift to her and to tell them, ‘Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!’ So, this is me reaching out to extend the biggest hug possible on behalf of Ruthie and Gene Newcomer,” Paquette wrote. “We are so excited to have the opportunity to facilitate more meaningful moments like this with our residents.”

A few other highlights shared by staff and residents at JEA communities across the country:

“Eversound has increased focus and attentiveness. Having the leader’s voice come directly into resident’s ears without any interference is the key!”

“Dining is much more successful with Eversound. Much less distraction and helps our residents focus on enjoying their meal.”

“Works great on bus trips. We’re able to lead a tour and read information on the ride.”

“In addition to facilitating Meaningful Moments for JEA residents, we have to thank our Eversound partners for bringing back the joy of dancing with ‘Silent Disco’ and an Outdoor Park Tour with audio.”

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