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Daniel E. Straus Of Careone Partners With Former Director Of Strength Training Of The New York Yankees To Facilitate Forever Fit Programs In New Jersey

January 17, 2018

Cavalea is excited to bring his Forever Fit program to the Cupola in Paramus facility and through an in-home program. The program is customized to the participant to pair strengthening initiatives with exercise therapy and is available both in the home and at the center, making it accessible to the local community’s senior population. This effective duo will build health, confidence, and vitality in seniors, allowing them to age comfortably, with more independence and functional strength.

The establishment of this program emphasizes the importance of continued movement, strength training, and fitness to a person’s overall health and well-being.

Forever Fit Exercise Therapy, a proprietary and revolutionary program, is utilized by a wide array of people, from the world’s most elite athletes to active aging adults. The Forever Fit Center provides a unique, customized training experience in the comfort of home or at the center. The fitness plans aim to improve strength and flexibility, increase bone density and mass, and lower body weight while reducing resting blood pressure, arthritic pain and overall fall risk by improving functional strength and confidence.

“Bringing Forever Fit Exercise Therapy to community residents of Bergen County New Jersey and amazing healthcare companies, is truly exciting. We are looking forward to bringing Exercise Therapy to the residential homes of seniors throughout Bergen County,” said Dana Cavalea, founder of the Forever Fit Exercise Therapy Program.

“It has always been a passion of mine to deliver the same techniques I have used on elite professional athletes and deliver them to the senior population to prevent falls, improve strength, and increase overall vitality and confidence,” Cavalea added. “Watching a senior throw away their cane or walker to walk on their own without assistance is amazing.”

The investment in these initiatives exemplifies Straus’s pledge to provide and encourage healthy living through strength instruction to its residents and the local community. Cavalea, who spent 12 years as director of strength and conditioning & performance for the New York Yankees Organization, including their World Series-winning year in 2009, is a consultant to pro athletes, entrepreneurs, business executives, workforces and universities on lifestyle strategies to reduce stress, improve work-life balance, and most importantly improve daily performance and outcomes.

The Forever Fit Exercise Therapy provides one-on-one strength training in an inviting environment or even within the confines of the patient’s own home. Physical therapists will conduct an initial assessment on each individual to identify their needs and to help them reach their goals. In just two sessions per week with a personalized exercise therapist, participants are able to see great results. Members and residents report they have been able to build muscle strength, are less susceptible to falls, and feel more invigorated. In addition to private sessions, various group programs are available as well.

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