EMP Trust HR Releases New Version of Employee Onboarding Software

June 29, 2017

EMP Trust HR, a leader in employee onboarding, Electronic I-9 and E-Verify software for medium and large enterprises, announced today that it has released an updated version of its onboarding software. The new version includes enhanced support for mobile applications for hourly workers, a smart user interface that provides a visually rich and intuitive user experience, enhanced dashboards and reports, and additional tools for high-volume hiring for hiring managers and associates.

EMP Trust Software Platform as a Service (PaaS) allows companies to choose best-of-breed solutions for applicant tracking, payroll and benefits, allowing them to scale rapidly without integration concerns. The solutions make it easier to acquire talent to fill positions, onboard new hires and complete all paperwork with the required compliance across global locations.

Hiring manager and HR users benefit from a series of enhancements. They can view an updated snapshot of key tasks, guide new employees & engage employees through the onboarding process with training and HR orientation. Automation of key tasks and provisioning enables companies to automate messages to new hires via SMS and email, track completion and ensure employee productivity and readiness for success from day one.

“We are continuously innovating and are making significant investments in our software based on client needs to retain our leadership position in employee onboarding and HR compliance software,” said Mary Abraham, EMP Trust Client Success Manager.

“Our goal is to help users with a visually rich user experience to improve onboarding and compliance for HR users. Both HR and employees achieve significant productivity benefits through the new, intuitive management features. Additionally, customers enjoy one integrated workflow, so there is no need to switch back and forth between multiple vendor systems on our platform.”

12 Oaks Senior Living is among the customers who are taking advantage of EMP TRUST Onboarding capabilities to streamline their onboarding process and grow quickly while staying compliant with USCIS, Labor and EEOC regulations. “EMP Trust’s HR solution has allowed us to grow to 1200 employees expand across 4 states while staying compliant,” said HR Manager Misty Rountree.

Some key enhancements include:

SMS Support and Mobile Apps: This popular feature enables HR users to engage and complete onboarding for hourly workers who do not have an email with SMS and native mobile applications to complete all onboarding paperwork. No more missed paperwork. Includes robust tracking and reporting.

New Hire Onboarding Portal Experience: The updated new hire portal provides visually rich and relevant information through an updated graphical user interface that allows new hires to receive information based on their job, hire type, track tasks and forms for completion. This simplifies and speeds up the onboarding process, allowing candidates to be more productive because they only have to provide relevant information once.

HR Managers Dashboards: the updated managers dashboards provide relevant tasks, information on each new hire, including form I-9 and E-Verify steps and pending critical compliance tasks.

Remote Hiring: HR users benefit from tools for remote hiring, including access to remote agent network for form I-9 completion.

Cross Boarding & High-Volume Hiring: This feature supports high-volume and bulk hiring for large events with automated onboarding tools–including cross boarding due to company mergers and acquisitions–for large groups of employees.

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