CT Elderly Home Safety Experts Unveil First Fall Detection Device of Its Kind

November 4, 2019

CHESHIRE, CT–Advances in technology and smart devices have significantly improved personal safety for senior citizens while increasing independence. For nearly a decade, Assisted Living Technologies, Inc. (ALT) in Cheshire has been the leading provider of the most innovative electronic solutions. Now the respected care company is offering the next generation of fall detection technology.

“Walabot HOME is the first and only automated fall alert system developed specifically for the bathroom, where 80% of falls take place,” said Mario D’Aquila, MBA, Vice President of ALT. “It is also the only fall detection device that does not require any wearable necklace or bracelet. It is automatically activated without pushing a button.”

D’Aquila explains Walabot HOME starts by learning a home’s particular bathroom, then continuously monitors for situations that indicate a fall using the world’s most advanced radio frequency sensors. It delivers four times more accuracy than other automatic fall alert systems while ensuring privacy. If a person falls, the designated emergency contact is notified through a two-way voice call and a text message. The alarm can be disabled at any time simply by standing up.

“The home tech industry has exploded in recent years and it is nearly impossible for the average family to determine which devices will be the best fit their loved one’s needs,” said D’Aquila “We offer a free home safety assessment in order to create an individualized care plan that typically combines technology with personal care.”

Medication management is another problem for the elderly. Electronic Automated Medication Dispensers provide both visual and auditory cueing, and can even send a call to the patient as a reminder, as well as notify caregivers if a regimen is not being followed. There are many different models from simple pillbox styles to a monthly style that can be filled directly by a pharmacist. Many styles only open one correct compartment and lock the others to avoid accidental overdose.

Assisted Living Technologies has experienced compliance near 95% with clients across Connecticut who use these dispensers.

Additional devices that can augment care include:

  • Wireless bed-pad sensors that can alert a caregiver or family member living in the house that the client is getting up from bed or a chair so that the caregiver can respond and reduce the risk of a fall.
  • Sensors that can send alerts to a pager or cell phone if the client is wandering from a designated area. Smart Caregiver is one of the systems.
  • Mobile emergency device like Belle help seniors feel comfortable leaving the house. Emergency help is available at the touch of a button.
  • Personal Emergency Response Systems like MyHelp with fall detection technology that can automatically call 911 if the person is unable dial the phone.
  • Cook Stop will automatically turn off a stove that is left unattended.
  • FireAvert was featured on Shark Tank. It continually monitors for the specific sound of your smoke alarm and automatically disconnects power to a range or stove before there is any fire.
  • The Nest IQ indoor and outdoor video surveillance solution has unique familiar face recognition technology that knows who should be in the home and who should not. The easy-to-use app can monitor in real time and receive a photo alert of a person 50 feet away. The Nest Hello Doorbell allows a full view of the doorstep.
  • Solo and Smart Watch are part of a new line of Mobile Help Emergency Response Systems that offer multiple customization options. Solo products are discreet wearables such as necklace pendants and wristlet pendants that allow clients to live everyday lives without a cumbersome device around their neck. They reduce embarrassment and increase mobility. Smart Watch is an all-in-one smart watch that allows users to call for medical assistance along with keeping up with their daily health needs, and can even tell them the weather. Both the Solo and Smart Watch are trackable devices via GPS.

“We give caregivers the necessary support services to be successful and allow the elderly person to remain safely independent,” said D’Aquila. “Our goal is to help each family determine the best care plan for their situation, then use a variety of personal care services and cutting-edge technological devices to put it into action.”

For nearly 25 years, award-winning home care agency Assisted Living Services, Inc. in Cheshire with branch locations in Clinton and Fairfield, has provided quality care to residents across Connecticut. Their award-winning CarePlus program blends personal care with technological safety and monitoring devices from sister company Assisted Living Technologies, Inc.

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