MBK Senior Living Announces Partnership with Eversound

MBK Senior Living and Eversound have announced a partnership to enhance resident hearing and engagement through Eversound listening systems and content-driven platform, Eversound member’s portal.

Eversound’s wireless listening system is designed specifically for seniors with hearing impairment or concentration issues. The Eversound headphone systems can be used in large groups, small groups, and one-on-one interactions. In addition to improving seniors’ quality of life, Eversound technology helps break down communication barriers between others, aids residents in feeling connected, and supports social, educational, and physical endeavors.

According to Christy Van Der Westhuizen, vice president of sales and marketing for MBK Senior Living, lifestyle activities that can reduce the risk of cognitive decline and dementia are difficult for those with hearing loss. Seniors who find it hard to hear often are more withdrawn, intellectually understimulated, at risk for depression, and can negatively impact their memory and thinking systems by straining to hear.

“Residents who avoided activities because they couldn’t hear instructions clearly or participate in conversations can now join in with ease using the Eversound headphones,” said Van Der Westhuizen. “While we’re in the initial roll-out stage at 34 MBK communities, what we’re hearing from our Resident Enrichment Directors is music to our ears. There is an increase in resident participation in activities, and those that utilize the Eversound headphones are happier and more engaged.”

A recent study published by Front Porch Center of Innovation and Wellness showed the efficacy of Eversound’s ability to increase engagement, participation, and in some cases, mood by upwards of 60 percent.

Resident wellness has long been a component of MBK Senior Living’s approach to care but utilizing technology helps to elevate the offerings and benefits to residents. MBK’s Mind+Body Wellness program offers a robust calendar of social, spiritual, physical, and educational opportunities daily. From continuing education classes and book clubs, from group fitness to personal training, from scenic guided tours to cultural outings, the opportunities for MBK residents are as entertaining as they are impactful on brain health and overall wellness.

“Improving seniors’ quality of life is a driving force behind Eversound technology,” said Matt Reiners, co-founder of Eversound. “Partnering with MBK amplifies the number of lives we can touch and experiences we can impact.”

“We are dedicated to improving the health and longevity of our residents. Through our partnership with Eversound, we can add value to residents’ days, help them pursue passions, enhance their lifestyle and reduce cognitive decline,” added Van Der Westhuizen.