Holleran Expands Service Offerings

February 18, 2020

WRIGHTSVILLE, PA–Holleran, the nation’s premier research firm focusing on older adults and aging, has expanded its suite of services to include business intelligence and analytics, data visualization, and advanced community health metrics reporting.

For nearly three decades, Holleran has been best known for conducting engagement and satisfaction surveys for stakeholders of retirement communities. As the market has grown, so has the expertise of the Holleran team. During this same period, the demand for data-driven insights has increased from senior living C-suite leaders. This confluence of events, combined with the prowess and savvy of Holleran’s highly educated data analysts, has enabled the firm to expand its services to meet the needs of today’s aging services providers.

In addition to traditional survey work, Holleran now offers data visualization services, market intelligence research and reporting, and the ability to layer public and proprietary data to make predictive and prescriptive analytical comparisons.

Holleran has also updated its guiding principles to reflect this advancement. “Telling the story of aging through data” has been adopted as the organization’s mission statement, with the vision becoming “Enhancing the lives of older adults, and those who serve them, with actionable business intelligence.”

“I have never been more excited by our capabilities,” says Michele Holleran, Founder and CEO. “Our new offerings dovetail completely with the services we’ve been offering for more than twenty-five years. The survey experience that Holleran provides is a function of business intelligence. To be able to build on that prowess, and offer even more actionable insights to our clients, makes absolute sense.”

“The demand for qualitative metrics and informed reporting has never been greater,” notes Sara Baker, Holleran’s Executive Director of Client Services. “Advances in business intelligence in the healthcare space are having a major impact on the operations and delivery of services in senior living. Our team’s expertise in visualization and analytics, coupled with a deep understanding of aging services, uniquely positions us to partner with providers in building data-driven models of decision making.”

Holleran has been launching portions of these services since the Fall of 2019 and now is excited to unveil them as the next decade begins.


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