Immanuel Communities Announces Collaboration with Visiting Nurse Association

July 20, 2018

OMAHA, NE–Immanuel, Nebraska’s leader in senior living, has announced a long-term Strategic Home Health and Hospice collaboration with Visiting Nurse Association (VNA).

VNA was chosen to become the Immanuel home health care agency collaborator to complement the current services offered in its Omaha communities. This collaboration recognizes the value that home health has in supporting the safety, security and dignity of seniors who want to remain active and stay engaged in their health and wellness.

VNA will be providing its full scope of home health services to Immanuel residents, including wellness programming, telehealth, non-clinical home care, home health, hospice and infusion services. Across the Omaha metro area, Immanuel serves over 1,000 residents and participants on seven campuses city-wide, as well as others in Lincoln and Des Moines.

“Providing an extraordinary resident experience remains at the forefront within Immanuel. While Immanuel and VNA are separate organizations they are strategically aligned and share common values that center on prioritizing the lives of those we serve,” said Eric Gurley, Immanuel’s president and CEO. “The collaboration of two strong, community-focused organizations will result in an enhanced and integrated resident experience. Our shared mission and commitment to the highest possible quality of service makes this collaboration ideal. I am pleased to work with VNA to better serve seniors in Nebraska.”

According to the census figures, the Omaha, Nebraska senior population grew 37 percent in just 10 years, from 62,000 in 2006 to nearly 85,000 in 2016, and it shows no signs of slowing down. As the population ages, many choose Immanuel Communities for its exceptional amenities and services. The Immanuel and VNA collaboration provides better integration of additional health care services should a resident’s needs change.

“VNA is pleased to strategically collaborate with Immanuel,” said James Summerfelt, president and CEO of VNA. “VNA has been working closely with Immanuel, with those who reside in its communities, and with those who live at home and are supported by Immanuel’s PACE program. The opportunity to expand and deepen these relationships is really exciting.”

VNA and Immanuel are poised to begin this collaboration in July 2018.


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