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Long-Term Care Facilities Arming Staff with Biosensor Technology in War Against COVID-19

March 17, 2020

BROOKLYN, NY–With the outbreak of COVID-19 rocking the globe, long-term care patients and staff are at heightened risk. In response, RYK Solutions is bringing TelemetRYKTM to facilities in immediate need of a safe, telemonitoring solution to screen, monitor and protect vulnerable populations.

A telemedicine-focused approach to screening, triaging, monitoring and treating patients will assist health care providers in safely managing this pandemic. In fact, China is currently using biosensors and remote patient monitoring to contain COVID-19.

This is a proven response, one that is being recommended in an article released March 12, 2020 by The New England Journal of Medicine. Telemedicine “allows patients to be efficiently screened, is both patient-centered and conducive to self-quarantine, and it protects patients, clinicians, and the community from exposure. It can allow physicians and patients to communicate 24/7, using smartphones or webcam-enabled computers,” the authors write, adding that “Respiratory symptoms—which may be early signs of Covid-19—are among the conditions most commonly evaluated with this approach.”

RYK Solutions is committed to those long-term care and home care facilities not yet set up for telehealth platforms, with an immediate and coordinated adoption strategy that includes biosensors and tablets with clear guidelines for cardiac and respiratory vital signs. With no onboarding required, the technology comes with a simple tutorial and requires no extra manpower and no specialized clinical or medical training or expertise to use. With this simple, out-of-the-box approach long-term care facilities can instantly arm their staff with life-saving technology.

Considering that it is currently difficult to detect and predict the severity of COVID-19 in carriers (especially considering few show symptoms for multiple weeks), constant monitoring within long-term care facilities will protect vulnerable populations. The monitoring platforms can be accessed anytime and support real-time tracking of patient vital signs including oxygen saturation and respiratory rates, body temperature, heart rate and heart rate variability, and blood pressure.

TelemetRYKTM addresses the high risks posed by COVID-19, especially to cardiac and pulmonary patients, for whom the virus can be deadly. Monitoring patients entering a facility and quarantining symptomatic patients while utilizing vital sign monitoring technology can be critical to keeping long-term care facilities safe for at-risk patients. Please reach out if your facility could use vital sign monitoring technology. We will send tablets and biosensors immediately to monitor patients in your facility.

RYK Solutions™ specializes in introducing med-tech responses to clinical communities across the country and recognizes that turnkey monitoring augmented by data-based analytics will improve patient outcomes, leading to fewer readmissions and a reduction in healthcare costs.

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